“He’s Just Been Very Busy” – Karine Jean-Pierre When Asked What Joe Biden Has Been Doing For the Last Few Days (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday was asked where Joe Biden has been the last couple days.

Feeble Joe Biden has been hiding at the White House since he got back from Saudi Arabia late Saturday evening.

Biden had no public events scheduled for Sunday , Monday or Tuesday, according to his public schedule.

Kamala Harris took charge on Monday while the incapacitated vegetable hid at the White House.

The trip to the Middle East, which accomplished nothing for the US, took a toll on Joe Biden.

“What, exactly, has [Biden] been doing yesterday and today?” a reporter ask KJP.

“So, he’s been in meetings,” KJP said stuttering out of nervousness. “He’s been meeting with senior staff, uh he’s been meeting with, uh, staff.”

“He’s just been very busy dealing with the issues of the American people,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

She actually said this with a straight face.

Even Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t believe the BS she was shoveling.


Pentagon spox John Kirby got the memo and claimed Joe Biden has been “quite busy” since he got home from Saudi Arabia.

There is NOTHING on Joe Biden’s public schedule yet his handlers are claiming he’s just too busy to appear in public.


The reality is Joe Biden is probably busy getting pumped with meds and resting since he is not well.

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