Jill Biden Most Unpopular First Lady Ever? Just 34 Percent Favorable Opinion in CNN Poll

It’s not just Joe and Kamala who are tanking in the polls a year-and-half into the disastrous Biden-Harris presidency. Even First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D, is deeply unpopular with the American people, with only 34 percent having a favorable opinion of her according to a recent CNN poll.

Jill Biden is far less popular than Melania Trump (who was relentlessly attacked and smeared by the 24/7 Democrat-media hate machine) even when compared to Melania’s January 2021 low of 42 percent.

Uber feminist Jill Biden has only a 39 percent favorability from women! Only 47 percent favorability among the key Democrat constituency of African-Americans. And just 67 percent favorability among Democrats overall–10 percent among Republicans and 25 percent among independents.

The poll, which was taken before Jill’s Taco speech fiasco at a “Latinx” convention, shows she only has a 33 percent favorability among Hispanics.

Maybe her unpopularity has something to do with Jill Biden snubbing her and Joe’s young granddaughter Navy Joan, Hunter’s love child, even at Christmas.

CNN’s East Wing reporter Kate Bennett did her best to polish the poll numbers for Jill, but there is no denying that Jill is profoundly unpopular even with the help of the Democrat press like Vogue Magazine last August and Harpers Bazaar this summer.

Excerpt from CNN report that tried even with the headline to soften the blow to Jill Biden:

A year and a half in, first lady Jill Biden’s favorability is mixed

First lady Jill Biden’s favorability rating is narrowly positive, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Thirty-four percent of Americans hold a favorable opinion of her, 29% an unfavorable opinion and 37% are unsure.

Her husband, President Joe Biden, has a favorability rating of 36%, but his unfavorable rating is much higher at 54%.

Those with a positive opinion of Jill Biden fall primarily down party lines — 67% of Democrats hold her in favorable esteem, while just 5% held an unfavorable opinion. The first lady also did well with Black Americans (47% favorable) and women (39% favorable).

Biden’s unfavorable rating is largely unchanged since the last CNN poll that asked about the then-incoming first lady, in January 2021. At that time, she stood at 28% unfavorable.

…In 2002, around the same time in her tenure, then-first lady Laura Bush saw her favorable rating at 67%. And in 2010, Michelle Obama, also about this far into her time as first lady, stood at 62% favorable, and 25% unfavorable.

Melania Trump’s poll numbers swung during her four years in the White House. In June 2018, 51% of Americans had a favorable opinion of Trump, 29% unfavorable. Trump left the White House with the lowest likability numbers for any first lady at the end of her term in polling history: A January 2021 ranking found her at 42% favorable and 47% unfavorable.

End excerpt. Please read the entire CNN report at this link.

Complete CNN-SSRS poll results at this link.

An alarmed Washington Post published a deep dive on Jill Biden’s horrendous unpopularity Saturday and what it means for Democrats in the November midterm elections (excerpts):

…A first lady dipping in popularity alongside her husband is highly unusual. It also comes at a particularly bad time for Democrats and the Biden administration, who have relied on Jill Biden as one of their most powerful campaign surrogates and an uncontroversial bright spot for the White House. Last week, she spoke at three fundraisers over the course of five days, the final one on Monday, the day the CNN poll came out. The midterm elections that will determine whether President Biden gets a Congress that will support or torpedo his agenda are just four months away.

…Modern first ladies have almost universally enjoyed higher approval numbers than their husbands — except Hillary Clinton at the start of Bill Clinton’s presidency — and those ratings tend to remain buoyant even as their spouses’ ratings sink, Wright said. First ladies are unelected, appear apolitical and are rarely controversial, prone to taking on universal good causes that are unlikely to cause offense, like Jill Biden’s Joining Forces initiative to support military families. Even while ending her tenure with the lowest approval rating of any first lady, according to CNN and Gallup’s polls dating back to Pat Nixon, Melania Trump — at 42 percent favorable to 47 percent unfavorable rating — was still besting her husband’s low final favorability rating.

…Whereas presidents and first ladies typically travel on concentric orbits independent of one another in terms of popularity, this moment in the Biden presidency seems to have created a vortex that’s pulling in his surrogates, too. The CNN poll showed President Biden with 36 percent favorable to 54 unfavorable rating. Vice President Harris’s rating was 32 percent favorable to 49 unfavorable rating — a reversal of where she was at the start of the administration, with 51 percent favorable and 39 percent unfavorable.

…But what if that hard work doesn’t have the effect you need? Jill Biden despite having a reputation for being a warm, vivacious communicator with a skill for the common touch, is a “cool personality” as far as media attention goes, says Jellison, adding, “she just doesn’t pop like her predecessors did in terms of public interest.”…

Last weekend a frustrated Jill Biden complained to donors at a Democrat fundraiser in Nantucket the Biden presidency has not turned out how she imagined. Days later she was heckled in deep blue Connecticut.

Jill Biden is spending a long weekend in Delaware apart from COVID-infected Joe Biden who is isolating at the White House.

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