Jill Biden Press Secretary Departing White House After First Lady Compares Hispanics to Tacos

Jill Biden’s spokesman Michael LaRosa is leaving the Biden White House, according to CNN.

CNN reported:

Michael LaRosa, the press secretary for first lady Dr. Jill Biden, is departing the White House, a White House official told CNN.

LaRosa began serving as Biden’s spokesperson in 2019 during the presidential campaign and was appointed press secretary in January 2021. In September, he was given the additional title of special assistant to the President.

LaRosa’s resignation has been known inside the East Wing for the last several weeks, according to the official, who noted the desire for LaRosa to assist with three high-profile foreign trips for the first lady as a reason for extending the timeline of his departure.

A person familiar with LaRosa’s next steps told CNN he is staying in Washington, DC, and will be joining Hamilton Place Strategies — a public affairs firm — as a managing director.

Jill Biden’s poll numbers took a hit after she compared Hispanics to “breakfast tacos.”

TGP’s Kristinn Taylor recently reported on Dr. Jill being the most unpopular First Lady ever:

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D, is deeply unpopular with the American people, with only 34 percent having a favorable opinion of her according to a recent CNN poll.

Jill Biden is far less popular than Melania Trump (who was relentlessly attacked and smeared by the 24/7 Democrat-media hate machine) even when compared to Melania’s January 2021 low of 42 percent.

Uber feminist Jill Biden has only a 39 percent favorability from women! Only 47 percent favorability among the key Democrat constituency of African-Americans. And just 67 percent favorability among Democrats overall–10 percent among Republicans and 25 percent among independents.

Jill Biden has a 33% favorability among Hispanics after comparing them to breakfast tacos at a “Latinx” convention.

Earlier this month Jill Biden butchered the word “bodega” and compared Latinos to tacos while Hispandering to the Latinx community and La Raza.

“… with the understanding that with the diversity of this community as distinct as the bogidas (sic) of the Bronx! As beautiful as the blossoms of Miami…” Dr. Jill said.

Video via Newsbusters:

Joe Biden’s poll numbers with the Hispanic community also dropped after Dr. Jill’s comments comparing Hispanics to tacos.

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