Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley Drops a bomb on the FBI and DOJ

It is no mere coincidence that the once highly regarded FBI has become a malevolent force, a cancer on the body politic. Like any cancer, it needs to be cut out, and destroyed as an institution. Harsh words, but the shameful, partisan conduct of the FBI during the past 7 years conjurers up images of the Soviet’s KGB or East Germany’s Stasi.

Let me be clear, especially for any FBI thugs monitoring me, I am calling for the lawful action of Congress to defund the Bureau and create a new, professional Federal police force. This is not a call for violence.

Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary from 22 July 2022 is a masterpiece on the growing lawlessness of the FBI and the Department of Justice:

With this as background, take time to read Senator Grassley’s stunning letter to Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray. Grassley wisely names the specific senior FBI personnel who are alleged to have carried out illegal actions, such as covering up Hunter Biden’s crimes and falsely claiming that the damning evidence on Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

Grassley may be part of the RINO establishment, but he is laying down a clear marker with this letter that he is not going to play along and cover up the gross abuses by the DOJ and FBI. Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray, both despicable snakes, are not stupid. They can read political tidal waves and have good reason to fear what may happen to them if (or when) Republicans take control of the House and the Senate.

This should kick up a firestorm. Remains to be seen if there are enough Republicans with a spine and a set of steel balls to see this through. Grassley’s trump card (nothing to do with President Trump) are the multiple whistleblowers that have given him documentary evidence to buttress their allegations of criminal misconduct by the specific FBI personnel identified in his letter.


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