Hunter Claims to Be in Recovery But His Wife Just Made a Stop at Local Cannabis Shop?

Some things never change and never will.  

Hunter Biden claimed to be in recovery and became an artist not long ago.  He then held an art show that its patrons were protected from the public and his artwork was sold for unknown millions.  Hunter had never done art before that we knew of but the story was that Hunter got sober and found art.

When Hunter was challenged on his art show and the millions he would be receiving for being the son of the President, Hunter had choice words.

Hunter bragged about his newfound sobriety at about the same time he made millions from anonymous buyers in his art show.  People magazine apparently believed that an addict like Hunter wouldn’t lie about his sobriety.

“You have to have a healthy fear of what’s waiting for you on the other side of a drink, but you can’t live in that fear,” President Joe Biden‘s younger son said this week on Bryony Gordon’s Mad World podcast, where he reflected on some of the hardest and also some of the most heartening lessons from his yearslong cycle of substance abuse and recovery…

…At one point, he writes, he was drinking a quart of vodka a day; at another, he lived with a homeless woman who was also his dealer, whom he remembers as funny and eccentric and exceedingly tidy…

Hunter claimed that people were trying to make his life miserable at the time.

…”There’s been a lot of people working around the clock to make my life as miserable as possible to, hopefully I think in their idea, [so] that I won’t succeed in my recovery,” Hunter told Gordon. “But today I know that I will.”…

But then Hunter met his wife and they had a boy.

…he serendipitously met Melissa Cohen in Los Angeles early in 2019 after so many other attempts at recovery and intervention had failed.

The two were married within days and welcomed a son last spring.

“When I was presented with Melissa, my wife, in the most incredible, miraculous way, I was able to see in a familiar soul in a stranger’s body — all that had been being offered to me in my whole life, particularly in my darkest times,” Hunter said on Mad World, “which was the love of my brother, the love of my father, the love of my three girls and all the people that cared about me.”

What Hunter fails to mention is that he has four daughters.  His fourth daughter was with a stripper that he disowned for some time.

But honesty is only a small part of sobriety, as well as making amends and cleaning shop (sarc).   So it really comes as no surprise that Hunter’s wife was seen entering a cannabis shop in his neighborhood a few days ago.

Hunter Biden‘s wife Melissa Cohen has been spotted dropping by a cannabis dispensary in Malibu after running errands at Whole Foods and CVS.

Cohen, 35, was spotted on her shopping run Wednesday, and was escorted by a Secret Service protective agent as she ran her errands.

After picking up bananas and a pack of Kor wellness shots — a Malibu-based health drink — at Whole Foods, Cohen dropped by the 99 High Tide dispensary on the Pacific Coast Highway, where she was spotted leaving with a small unidentified purchase.

Maybe Hunter’s on the marijuana maintenance program or maybe he never was sober at all.  

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