The Great Green Grift: As Globe Plunges into Manufactured Energy Crisis, “Green” ESG Funds Quietly Begin Purchasing Oil Stocks

In the face of unprecedented global energy shortages thanks to the radical “green” agenda’s push to move away from fossil fuels, the puppet-masters behind dystopian “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) scores are quietly shifting a portion of their investments into the oil and gas industry.

In other words, the green grift has entered phase II as the climate warriors begin to capitalize on the crippled markets. It’s time to cash out.

According to ZeroHedge, ESG investors – particularly in Europe – are now embracing fossil fuel investments as the market continues to outperform expectations. Additionally, investments are expected to increase over the coming months, with several ESG powerhouses actively scouting oil and gas companies in order to find the best potential return.

Prior to this year, there had been a grand total of zero ESG funds invested in fossil fuels. Now, these “green” scam artists are even investing in Shell Oil.

Surely, Climate Savior St. Gretta is shouting “HOW DARE YOU!” to the heavens following the news.

From ZeroHedge:

“European-based ESG equity funds have been increasing their investments in energy companies, including Shell Plc, Repsol SA, Aker BP ASA and Neste Oyj, according to analysts at Bank of America Corp. About 6% of the funds invested in Shell this year, compared with none in 2021.

The allocations are driven by the outperformance of fossil-fuel stocks — the S&P 500 Energy Index is up 30% this year — along with optimism that the world’s biggest oil and gas companies will spend more to make the transition to cleaner energy.

Shell, TotalEnergies SE and Equinor ASA are among the companies that have evaluated the suitability of European utilities for takeovers, according to people familiar with the matter. Potential targets include some of the region’s largest wind and solar producers, such as Iberdrola SA, Orsted A/S and SSE Renewables Ltd.”

The ESG funds move into fossil fuels signals that, clearly, oil and gas aren’t going anywhere anytime soon – no matter how much the left stomps their feet about impending (1980‘s… 1990‘s… 2000‘s… still waiting) climate catastrophe by way of manmade global warming.  And, considering the failures of “green” energy sources such as wind and solar, investing in the longstanding oil market seems like simple common sense; However, this move by the ones who are pushing some of the most radical agendas (ESG) – a program that would fundamentally change everyday life as we know it – is particularly egregious.

ESG scores are used by globalist-aligned financial corporations to monitor, track, and restrict individuals’ finances in a similar way to traditional credit scores; however, with ESGs, adhering to the leftist agenda – especially the climate change paranoia – is paramount for maintaining a useable score.

This is bared out in early rollouts of the system, which would ding users and companies for holding investments in oil and gas companies.

For an even more unsettling example of this dystopian technology in action, look no further than Communist China, where ESGs are widely in use already. With this tool, the powers that be can force their will down onto the citizenry at the push of a button thanks to Chinese authorities combining the parts of the ESG program with Covid-19 vaccine passports to create the ultimate tool of modern oppression.

What’s more, the combination is already being used to crush uprisings against the Chinese government. Just this month, a planned protest was completely shut down before anyone had even shown up, as authorities caught wind of the demonstration beforehand and quickly moved to shut off the vaccine-passport-linked QR codes of the individuals involved.

In short, anyone pushing ESG – or even the climate disaster hysteria in general – has a simple agenda: tyrannical oppression. It’s never had anything to do with saving the planet or saving lives, as always it’s about power and control.

Oh, and they’re stinking hypocrites, to boot. Clearly.



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