GOP Targets Four Dem-Controlled State Legislatures – Hope To Flip Them

The Republican State Leadership Committee has outlined four Dem-controlled state legislatures that they hope to flip in 2022.

The four states are Nevada, Maine, Oregon, and Washington.

From Republican State Leadership Committee:

The RSLC and RSLC-Washington PAC today released four statewide surveys of Nevada, Maine, Oregon, and Washington. The polls were conducted by Cygnal in the wake of the Dobbs decisionand show Republicans either leading or within the margin of error on the state legislative generic ballot in each Democrat-controlled state. They also confirm the findings of the national battleground survey the RSLC released last week, which showed inflation and the economy overall remain the most pressing issues to voters ahead of November.

Polling shows that Republicans have a chance in all of these states.

Republicans hold a two-point advantage in Nevada and only trail by one in Maine. In Washington, Republicans trail by only two points. Oregon voters are not happy with the direction of the state with 56% saying it is going in the wrong direction.

The President of the committee, Dee Duncan said that even places Biden “won” by double digits could flip.

Breitbart reported:

RSLC President Dee Duncan said the committee is committed to “making Democrats sweat to defend every inch of ground they currently hold.” Duncan said:

Even in states that President Biden won by double digits in 2020, Democrat majorities are anything but safe. Americans are looking to their state legislatures to serve as a check and balance on the President’s failing economic policies, giving state Republicans an opening to go on offense in places we normally don’t contest.

A red wave is coming!

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