These Doctors Risked It All To Save Lives During The COVID ‘Plandemic’, Now They Are Demanding A ‘Cease Fire’ Of ‘Poison Death Shots’ (VIDEOS)

The predator class — World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Biden administration and billionaire “philanthropists” — are hellbent on perpetuating a pandemic to institute population control.

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention warns the public against the “Ninja” BA.5, the “most dangerous” Omicron subvariant to assure another lockdown is on the way ahead of the next election.

Mask advisories are already being reissued in Democrat-run cities as Pfizer trials its experimental vaccine on 6-month old babies.

“Right Docs of History,” a group of medical physicians who have risked their careers to save the lives of COVID patients who would have been murdered under CDD protocol in U.S. hospitals,  are demanding a “cease fire in Ukraine and Russia of the poison death shots.”

COVID vaccines are “the number one bioterror murder weapon in Ukraine Russia and every other country in the world,” the team of doctors warn in a video provided exclusively to the Gateway Pundit.

“Please do not get a single additional COVID poison shot,” Canadian frontline Dr. Chris Shoemaker implores in the 13-minute call to action. “These shots are toxic. These shots are damaging the immune system of every citizen on earth that receives them, especially in repeated fashion. ”

“It is now the case that 93 percent of patients in ICU are vaccinated patients and also the truth that people are 4 times more likely to get COVID, suffer from COVID, have ill effects from COVID and have long COVID if they receive the vaccines,” Shoemaker continues. “They are immune-damaging injections. You can stop them by not taking them.”

The Right Docs of History are urging doctors to join their group and “cease fire” of “poison death shots” that are “destroying humanity.”

“I never participated in this and certainly never recommended these horrible shots that they misnamed vaccines. These are genetic agents meant to transform humanity forever,” Dr. Lee Merritt warns. “I am speaking now to the other doctors, the doctors that are still in hospitals and are still participating in this evil that is killing our children and is meant to destroy humanity as we know it. How long are you going to stay on the wrong side of history? ”


Dr. Ben Marble, a Florida-based family medicine doctor founded MyFreeDoctor after witnessing COVID patients being withheld effective medications in intubated to death in the hospital.

Before his passing, Dr. Vladmir Zelenko called on all doctors to do more to save lives amid the ongoing biowarfare.

“If I have to leave the world, I accept God’s will, but I encourage and plead with everyone else to up your game,” Zelenko advised in a video recorded in a hospital before he died of cancer on July 1.

Following Zelenko’s advice, Marble launched Right Docs of History.

“The number one weapon of war globally right now are the fake vaccines,” Marble told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “The difference between life and death right now depends which doctors and nurses you choose. If you choose the fake Dr. Fauci doctors, your odds of dying go way up. If you choose the real doctors, like the Right Docs of History, you’re odds of survival go way up. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s what we are dealing with right now.

“I started tracking down these doctors a couple of months ago. I was trying to find all the doctors that had never recommended a single dose of the poison for a single patient. I am hopeful more doctors will join us. Anybody who knows an MD or any type of doctor that didn’t recommend the poison they can email me [email protected] and then I will add them to the group,” he continued. “We decided to make this video because Dr. Zelenko was Ukrainian American  and all the headlines of the narrative switched from COVID to the Ukraine Russia issue and then Dr. Zelenko passed away.”

The government temporarily began laxing mandates and directed the public’s attention to war in Ukraine  because it became apparent the shots didn’t work — after complying, people were still getting COVID, Marble argued.

“The fake news in control of this,” he said. “The World Economic Forum controls all the media, they own CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC — they are all in their back pockets, so the entire message from the media is controlled by WEF. This is their agenda.”

“The people waking up to the fact that the COVID vaccines clearly do not work — they don’t prevent infection –the narrative was crumbling so they switched the narrative to Ukraine and Russia. It’s the mass formation psychosis. And you can tell who is captured by it because they have all the Ukraine signs on their profiles. Every few months they change the narrative to a new topic and the sheep that are brainwashed will  change their profile pictures to whatever the new narrative is. It’s classic brainwashing 101.”

If the public continues to thoroughly comply, global tyranny will continue to take hold

“We know they are going to try to double down on all the things we know do not work. They are going to double down on lockdowns. They are going to try to force the masks again. They are going to try to force all the things that we know don’t work. This is where we have to defy that.”

Every doctor that recommends COVID vaccination is complicit in Fauci’s murderous scheme, Marble  admonished.

“In Dec. 2020, the fake vaccine was about to launch. The doctors had to decide am I going to support this product or not. So, there were three groups: The fake Fauci, pro-poison doctors;  doctors, like myself, Dr. Zelenko, and the Right Doctors of History that were anti-poison from day one; and the bargainers, the doctors who tried to bargain. These are the doctors that were like, ‘Okay, this group of patients should take the poison. This other group of patients should not take the poison,” he said. “The problem was the doctors that were pro-poison and the doctors that were bargainers are the doctors the media made famous.”

We are in a war — a literal war and we need to know who our enemies are and who our teammates are, but when you are in a war you try not to attack your own teammates. You don’t want too much friendly fire taken down other people may be actually trying to help. That’s why I try to avoid naming names on this topic. But the bottom line is the goal is the Right Docs of History are the people we need to hear from. They’re the doctors that hopefully can become famous over time now that we’ve made a group to identify them so the reporters can actually find who these doctors are.”

MyFreeDoctor primarily treats patients suffering from COVID, long-COVID and vaccine injury but also treat anything that’s “appropriate for telemedicine.”

“If you have a urinary track infection, rash, ear infection or strep throat — minor health problems that are appropriate for telemedicine we can treat you,” the crusading doctor noted.

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