“I Could Be Dead Now – I Want to Know Why They Shot at Me” – Dutch Farmer Boy Jouke Speaks Out, Displays Bullet Holes in Tractor after Attempted Assassination by Police

Jouke Hospes displays the bullet holes in his tractor

Farmers‘ protests against globalist Great Reset food policies spread to Germany, Italy, Poland  and Spain. 16-year-old farmer’s son Jouke Hospes, who was shot at by police Tuesday evening despite having turned his tractor away from the police roadblock (Gateway reported) said: “I  can’t believe they shot at me!“

In Italy, a tractor convoy formed to cries of “We’re going to Rome!” In Warsaw, Poland, thousands of people protested under the motto “We won’t let them rob us!” Farmers in Germany parked tractors on overpasses to demonstrate their support of Dutch farmers.

In Moerdijk, Netherlands, farmers formed the words “Help! No Farmers, No Food!”  out of  400 tractors.

Between Groningen, Netherlands and Leer, Germany, farmers simply “moved the German border” to the west to lay claim to less-restrictive German Nitrogen rules.

Thursday evening, farmers blockaded the city of Nijmegen.

16-year-old Jouke Hospes from Akkrum in Friesland, Netherlands, who had been shot at by police at a roadblock in Heerenveen Tuesday evening, posted on Facebook:

“I’d like to thank everyone for their messages and support, as well for the protests all over Friesland. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about all the support when I was in jail, but I found out what had been going on in the Netherlands when I was released at 9:30 pm (Wednesday).

I still can’t understand why the police shot at me. The videos show very clearly I did nothing wrong. I’m lucky I’m still alive. I was pretty scared. I was arrested for attempted manslaughter, and then released. I’m still a suspect, though, tonight in my bed. we will keep up the fight – one for all, and all for one!”

Then Jouke described what happened on the evening of July 5th:

“We were protesting at a food distribution center in the Heerenveen industrial zone when the Mobile Police unit announced they would clear the premises, so we decided to leave. We drove our tractors through Heerenveen and parked by the ice rink. It was a nice place to grab a meal and something to drink.  Then we decided to drive around through Heerenveen, make some noise, and then go home.

Our protest convoy was just leaving Heerenveen, the point vehicle drove up the Oranjewoud on-ramp toward the McDonald‘s, when squad cars cut off the way. Many of the tractors just went around them. There were just a few tractors left in front of me, I was almost the last, so I wanted to follow the others. So I crossed the divider, being careful to watch for oncoming traffic, to make sure I could change lanes.

That’s when I heard a BANG in my right ear. I was just think, what’s going on, and heard a high-pitched whine in my ear. In panic, I wanted to get out of there, when a second shot fell. I was unhurt, so I though it may have been a rubber bullet, which ricochted. We stopped near Oudehaske, and I walked around the tractor and saw a bullet hole in the metal post!

I was stunned. Just an inch either way and I would have been toast. If I had driven an little faster or slower, I wouldn’t be here to talk about it. A few 100 meters onward, the police came and arrested me for “attempted manslaughter”. I was handcuffed and thrown in jail at the station. I don’t recall much else after that, from all the adrenaline. It was a shock, but I’m glad to be alive.”

“I want to know why they shot at me,” Jouke told NOS.nl.

He showed off the bullet holes in his tractor with his father Jan Hospes:


Angry farmers dumped silage bales outside the house of the police officer who is said to have fired the shots.

The officer was removed to an undisclosed location Wednesday evening.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson Thursday evening, Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek called on Americans to support the Dutch farmers:


Forum for Democracy MP Gideon van Meijeren confronted Dutch PM Marc Rutte over his ties to the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab in August 2021:

Rebel News: “The Dutch prime minister’s plan to apply the Great Reset to the Netherlands”


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