Colorado Patriots: Here is the List of Upcoming and *Ongoing* Recounts of 2022 GOP Primary Elections by County — GET INVOLVED

This past week, The Gateway Pundit has been tracking the Colorado primary recount effort where Lynda Zamora Wilson was winning all night on June 28th, only to have her win ripped away after local news had called the race for her.  In fact, the Colorado officials SWITCHED her vote totals with her incumbent competitor and gave the race to him!

Colorado is also the state where the Sec of State Jena Griswold would have you believe the Colorado GOP chose CTCL “Zuckerbucks” leadership in Pam Anderson over the Trump endorsed Tina Peters who ran on a platform of election integrity and getting rid of untrustworthy voting machines.

Last week during the state’s Secretary of State primary election investigation the Logic and Accuracy testing in El Paso County, CO showed by orders of magnitude a larger adjudication rate than they did during the L&A testing before the primary back in June.  This is a serious flaw.  Out of approximately 4200 ballots, over 2200 were sent to adjudication. 

Officials claimed it was because the test was more “stringent” but gave officials and candidates on the ground there no prior warning that this test would yield significantly higher adjudication rates.  The ballots used were the computer-generated “test deck”, so there was no excuse for not knowing and communicating this.

The Latest

A source inside one of the campaigns has reached out to confirm that other counties are rushing ahead with Logic and Accuracy testing without proper notice to the candidates being given. 

The source told The Gateway Pundit that Garfield County has begun the testing without informing the candidate and had “big problems in the second round of tabulation.” Garfield does not seem to have any notice posted to their website or their elections calendar.

Logic and Accuracy tests are open to public observation.  Below is a list of Colorado counties that will be performing Logic and Accuracy tests and recounts over the next few days.

If you are in Colorado and would like to observe these tests, reach out to your local Clerk ASAP!


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