URGENT! PLEASE Help Gold Star Mom and Election Patriot Tina Peters Raise Money for Colorado Recount in Stolen Election- MUST REACH GOAL BY TOMORROW! — VIDEO

Tina Peters is a Gold Star mother.  She is a patriot.  She is running for the Colorado Secretary of State’s office and she had her primary election win stolen. 

Let’s help Tina in her recount!

** Please Donate at TinaPetersforColorado.com!

Help Tina Peters here tonight!  Your donation will go towards her recount in Colorado.

She MUST raise the funds tonight!  She has 24 hours to get this done!

The state of Colorado is at a turning point.  The corrupt politicians in the state stole the primary from Tina Peters.  The Democrat cabal is scared stiff of Tina Peters.  She knows too much.

That is why they stole her election win in the recent GOP primary.  She has evidence that her election was stolen and needs to come up with more than $200,000 to perform a recount in the state.  These funds are due tomorrow.

TGP wrote about how her election was stolen here.

Breaking: Tina Peters Challenges Colorado’s Unbelievable GOP SoS Primary Election Results — Where No-Name Zuckerberg CTCL Candidate Came Out of Nowhere, Made Up 35% Vote Deficit, and Won Primary

Tina Peters is the courageous woman who stood up against the corruption in her state.  She made a copy of her election machines before performing a function that would erase all the election data on the machines mandated by Colorado’s corrupt Secretary of State Jenna Griswold last year.  This proved to be a wise decision.  She found what they were trying to delete from the 2020 Election.

See the short trailer of the upcoming movie uncovering the corruption in the 2020 election by the name of Selection Code.  This movie is coming out on August 20 and Tina Peters is a big part of it.

Tina Peters is a hero who then ran for office.  She had her election stolen.  They couldn’t allow her to win the Secretary of State position in Colorado.  She knew too much.  They know their scheme is up once she is elected into office.  So they stole her election.

Tina was on with Steve Bannon today.

Help Tina Peters win her right to a free and fair election in Colorado.  

** Please Donate at TinaPetersforColorado.com!

Colorado activist Sherrona Bishop joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the urgency of this fundraiser tonight!

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