BREAKING BIG: Arizona GOP Executive Committee Finally Censures AZ House Speaker Turncoat Rusty Bowers, Calls On ALL Registered Republicans To Expel Him Permanently From Office

Arizona House Speaker RINO Rusty Bowers was formally censured by the Arizona GOP Executive Committee last night, calling on “all Registered Republicans to expel him permanently from office.”

President Trump is set to deliver remarks at a big Arizona rally with Trump-Endorsed Primary candidates on Friday. This is just in time!

Rusty Bowers sided with Democrats since the rigged and stolen 2020 Election and fought against investigating and decertifying.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Bowers is running for Arizona Senate after fighting against election integrity and stabbing Arizona in the back because he is term-limited out of the Arizona House. 

Bowers is now running for the State Senate to continue his ‘con job’ against the People of Arizona,” said President Trump in a recent endorsement of David Farnsworth, who is running against Rusty Bowers in the August 2nd Primary Election.

President Trump Releases Statement on Phone Call With Arizona RINO Rusty Bowers Hinting It Was Recorded – Did Bowers Lie In Jan 6 Testimony?

He has also sided with liberal Democrats in the Arizona legislature on woke gender politics, supported America Last immigration policy, killed critical integrity legislation, and tried to eliminate the Precinct Committeeman election process. This is all outlined in the resolution.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Rusty Bowers also participated in Liz Cheney’s sham January 6th Unselect Committee and testified against President Trump. He covered up the massive election fraud in Arizona and stabbed the Republican Party in the back.

President Trump Releases Statement on Phone Call With Arizona RINO Rusty Bowers Hinting It Was Recorded – Did Bowers Lie In Jan 6 Testimony?

Bowers later told NBC News that it would take a miracle to win his next election after his bogus testimony in the sham January 6th show trial.

Arizona Family reported,

The Arizona GOP executive committee censured House Speaker Rusty Bowers on Tuesday night, stating he has “lost the confidence of a majority of Republican party leaders.” Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairwoman of the Arizona GOP, confirmed the censure via Twitter. “The AZGOP Executive Committee has formally censured Rusty Bowers tonight — he is no longer a Republican in good standing & we call on Republicans to replace him at the ballot box in the August primary,” tweeted Ward.

The GOP press release highlighted some bills Bowers had backed that Republicans say went against his party. Republicans had pushed HB 2294, which stated only two genders should be named on all government documents, whereas Bowers was the sole Republican who opposed the bill. The GOP also said in the release that Bowers had joined Democrats to sponsor a $1 billion education spending bill and also killed a bill to reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance in Arizona schools permanently.

“Bowers has demonstrated he is unfit to serve the platform of the Republican Party and will of the voter of the Republican Party of Arizona,” read the release.

Bowers also testified before the Jan. 6 subcommittee back in June, saying he was pressured to overturn the election results. In the testimony, Bowers said former president Donald Trump called him and proposed to have the state replace its electors for Joe Biden with those favoring him. Bowers told the committee he wanted to see evidence of voter fraud, which he said Trump’s team never showed.

AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward proudly announced last night that Bowers is “no longer a Republican in good standing” after the censure was passed.

Patriots in Arizona cheered on this decision by the AZGOP.

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake called on Arizona to vote for David Farnsworth on August 2nd.

Before the vote, RNC National Committeeman Tyler Bowyer joined Bannon’s War Room to explain what this censure would mean for grassroots Republicans.

Bowyer: But you have a really terrible individual, so tonight, you know the Republican Party is meeting and is gonna be considering officially censuring to help with removal of Rusty Bowers, not only from leadership. This type of stuff is really important, right? If you take over the republican party apparatus, you can start really influencing the general public. Like, hey, this is a bad person who doesn’t care about election integrity, doesn’t care about you. And we have to scoop them out of here very quickly. And that’s what we’ve done in Arizona. And that’s what people can do if they take over their precincts and they take over their local GOP apparatus, which is what we need, is to start taking back ground and holding these people accountable.

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