BOOM! Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro DESTROYS Leonardo DiCaprio for tweet about Amazon Rainforest: You want to change the whole world, but never yourselves!

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at Summit of  the Americas 2022. (Photo: Alan Santos/Presidency of Brazil)


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has hit back at actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s false claims about burning in the Amazon Rainforest.

This is not the first time Bolsonaro has criticized DiCaprio’s militancy against Brazil. DiCaprio wrote a tweet with a video in which he allegedly points out an increase in deforestation in the Amazon starting in 2019.

Bolsonaro criticized the actor’s arguments and brought new facts that refute the information written by DiCaprio.

The Brazilian president also criticized DiCaprio’s silence on the forest fires that have been occurring in Europe.

“Between us, it’s weird to see a dude who pretends to love the Planet paying more attention to Brazil than to the fires harming Europe and his own country. One may wonder if you’re obsessed with my country (or its resources) or if you just believe Brazil is the only one on Earth”, Jair Bolsonaro said.

Bolsonaro also brought up current data regarding the Amazon Rainforest, such as the fact that Brazil is the country that most preserves forests in the world.

Bolsonaro: “But don’t worry, Leo, unlike the places you are pretending not to see by brilliantly playing the role of a blind man, Brazil is and will carry on being the nation that most preserves. You can carry on playing with your Hollywood star toys as we do our job”.

“Actually, in my government average deforestation is way lower than it was in the past when the crook turned candidate that your Brazilian buddy supports was in power.”, Bolsonaro said about the former socialist president Lula, supported by Hollywood leftists.

Besides current data on the strict control of illegal deforestation that the current administration has imposed on criminals, the Brazilian President made it clear that Brazil is the country that most preserves its vegetation among the other G20 nations.

“It’s clear that everyone who attacks Brazil and its sovereignty for the sake of virtue signaling doesn’t have a clue about the matter. They don’t know, for instance, that we preserve more than 80% of our native vegetation or that we have the cleanest energy among G20 nations”, he said.

Jair Bolsonaro continued to DiCaprio: “It’s also clear that you don’t know that my government announced a new commitment to eradicate illegal deforestation by 2028, and not by 2030 as most countries. Or maybe you do know that, but for some reason pretend to be ignorant. I hope you not getting too much for this role”.

The Brazilian president also criticized DiCaprio for using an image of a 2003 fire in Brazil, claiming it was an image from 2019 in the Amazon. Bolsonaro said he would love to see the actor stop spreading misinformation about Brazil.

“If its within your reach, we would love to see you stop spreading misinformation. In the recent past, you used a 2003 image to talk about the Amazon wildfires allegedly happening in 2019 and were exposed, but I have forgiven you. So please go and sin no more”, Bolsonaro said.

Finally, Jair Bolsonaro finished the message sent to Leonardo DiCaprio and ridiculed activist Greta Thunberg, calling her “Greta Timberlake” and questioning whether she had anything to say about the coal market in Europe.

“By the way, what do you think about the hitting coal market in Europe? And what about Greta Timberlake, do you know what she has been up to lately and what she has to say about it? If I was hosting a barbecue in my house, I’m sure she would be yelling “How dare you?”, asked Bolsonaro.

Announcing on social networks his response to Leonardo DiCaprio, Jair Bolsonaro called the actor “Leonardo De Capri”. So far, the actor has not responded to the Brazilian President’s messages.



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