TGP BORDER EXCLUSIVE: First-Hand Account from the Southern Border -Overwhelming Illegal Immigration

Guest post by Bob Bishop

 “Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome.” ~ Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s partner

The recent Supreme Court ruling lifted Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program known as Title 42.  Before the verdict, Border Control had 273,309 illegal migrant encounters in May, a new monthly record.  The Court’s ruling will create a torrent of illegal alien crossings.  Over 3 million illegal aliens are estimated will enter the country this year.  That’s the population size of the Tampa Bay – St Pete metropolitan area.

May’s Homeland Security migrant statistics have Mexico with the highest encounter rate, with Cuba coming in second. Central America and South America continue to grow.  

Single adults, the majority are young males, makeup 69 percent of the encounters.  

South American migration year-to-date through hazardous Panama’s Darién Gap exceeded 32,000. 

Clandestine NGO organizations and cartels provide the transportation and necessities; it’s human trafficking on an industrial scale.  

Self-selection by nature, illegal migrants segregate by national and ethnic origins within U.S. cities known as diasporas.  Diasporas are a significant barrier for migrants to assimilate their adoptive country’s language, laws, and culture.  They continue to retain strong links to their native countries while preserving their native language and culture, creating a loyalty issue.  Large diasporas are a colony within a country.

First Hand Account

The new illegal migration beachhead is Eagle Pass, Texas. Visiting the Rio Grande, I found strewn on the river bank and trail abandoned backpacks, clothes, and shoes. Also left were numerous pharmaceuticals packets with one of the most common Metfomina-500 for treating diabetes 2.

Two female coyotes encountered were shepherding migrants from the river bank to the Border Patrol by the highway.  Spotting me filming, they disappeared into the reeds, attempting to avoid detection. 

The Border Patrol, ordered by Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas to stand down, made no effort to stop the migrants from crossing the Rio Grande.  

None of the migrants were emaciated.

The illegal migrants were taken immediately to the Border Patrol’s Eagle Pass South Station for processing before bordering coach buses bound for the San Antonio International Airport. According to Fox, Border Patrol releases on parole (phony asylum claims) up to 1,000 per day from Eagle Pass South Station due to lack of detention space.

An excellent video documenting Rio Grande crossings also at Eagle Pass is by Real America’s Voice; click here.

Air Charters

Coach buses shuttling migrants from Eagle Pass and charter flights out of the San Antonio are courtesy of Homeland Security.  A flagrant violation of Homeland Security’s charter to “secure U.S. borders and approaches.”

Migrants check-in at the airport at an ad hoc courtesy counter and skip TSA screening.  The lines, at a time, can be several hundred long.

America is Broke

The Federal government’s mandatory funding for military, entitlements, and interest is over 110% of tax receipts, with the national debt at an unserviceable level of $31 trillion. The generational burden for illegal migrants costs taxpayers $132 billion annually, increasing to $200 billion by 2025, as estimated by non-profit FAIR. (The forecast by FAIR excludes the immeasurable costs personally incurred by American citizens for crime, illegal drugs, and the spread of infectious diseases.)

‘Gordian Knot’ Solutions

No-nonsense solutions would solve America’s immigration problems by legislating the following.

  1. Cease immigration, including Green Cards, for a decade.
  2. Outlaw state and city sanctuary policies.
  3. Increase in deportation officers, special agents, prosecuting attorneys, detention beds, and more robust enforcement tools.
  4. Establish a Federal law barring NGOs and nonprofits from funding immigration.
  5. Create a Bracero program where screened foreigners work here for a time-limited interval with an employer sponsor. The worker would not be entitled to U.S. citizenship, and his family would not accompany him to the U.S.
  6. Implement a law barring anchor baby citizenship.
  7. Stop student loans to non-citizens.

However, the immigration problems are intractable owing to Washington partisan politics and foreign and special interests.  

Bob Bishop is a retired corporate CPA.

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