Both Biden and President Trump Talk About Loss of Rights on the 4th – Showing Dichotomy Between Parties – Tyrants vs. Justice

Biden gives a “weird” July 4th message on the loss of US rights based on the Supreme Court’s recent decisions.  President Trump discusses freedom too after the Biden Justice Department continues to destroy a free and fair America. 

Joe Biden shared on Monday, July 4th, that America is going backward.  Per the Daily Mail Biden shared:

President Joe Biden commiserated with pro-choice Americans during his remarks on Monday evening marking the Fourth of July, reminding the country that the US has always been a ‘work in progress.’

‘In recent days there’s been reason to think our country is moving backward, that freedom is being reduced,’ the president said. ‘That rights we assumed were protected are no longer.’

‘I know it can be exhausting and unsettling,’ Biden said, speaking to military families and standing alongside First Lady Jill Biden in the South Lawn. ‘But tonight, I want you to know: We’re going to get through all of this.’

Former Clinton pollster Mark Penn and former Trump administration official Kellyanne Conway shared on Biden’s 4th of July message saying American freedom ‘reduced’ on Independence Day.  Penn called Biden’s message “weird”.

Both Conway and Penn missed the key point, however, that many Americans do feel their rights are being destroyed under the Biden regime.  Whether it be COVID mask and vaccine mandates, loss of a free and fair election, targeted attacks on conservatives, or whatever, Americans are upset.

President Trump shared on Truth social media the following:

We don’t have a fair system of “Justice” in this Country anymore… it’s like night & day.

President Trump is right.  Just ask anyone locked up for any time at all for protesting the stolen 2020 Election on Jan 6.  These people are now political prisoners.

Americans are upset but not with the Supreme Court, with the destructive communist tyrants taking over our government. 

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