Aerospace Engineer and Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck Releases a Must-Read: “The 2020 Coup, What Happened. What We Must Do”

“We all need to get out of our comfort zone and stick up for the truth regardless of insults and false accusations. Others before us have sacrificed much more in the cause of liberty.”

— Patrick J. Colbeck, The 2020 COUP

Patrick J. Colbeck is one of the most fascinating people analyzing our elections. His life experiences have prepared him for this exact role. He’s a former MI State Senator who understands the bureaucracy and its potential for corruption. He was the Vice-Chair of Elections and Government Reform. He’s also an accomplished aerospace engineer. His technical expertise is vast and includes Microsoft Certification as a Small Business Specialist. His TV and radio appearances are numerous because he’s honest and does not hold back. GP has extensively covered Mr. Colbeck too. He can be reached at [email protected].

His new book “The 2020 COUP: What Happened. What We Can Do.” is one of the best overviews on how the election was stolen. It also explains what we as citizens can do about it. The main topics end at pg. 279, but the book continues with a large appendix of evidence and audit work. Patrick is networked with most every expert investigative election analyst in the country. These projects range from industrial scale activities like True The Vote, to regional efforts like those in Antrim, MI. The 356 page book is for everyone, from a young voter, to an experienced conservative currently fighting this fraud. It’s the comprehensive content you need before family gatherings, to crush liberals or coworkers, to help stop this fraud, or just to further your insight.

The 30 page chapter called “The Theory” is some of the best content on how the 2020 election was stolen. It details four distinct phases, starting with the “Preparation Phase”. This evil campaign created necessary weaknesses to shape the election battlefield for a Democrat win. It will make your blood boil! As you read on you will recall how Americans were pummeled by the final stage, the “Defense Phase”. This was a relentless effort to prevent any discovery of fraud, prevent any communications about it, and stop any efforts to overturn it. Colbeck connects the big picture to the evidence by way of their tactics. He goes into great detail about three tactics called Process Anomalies, Record(s) Anomalies, and Influence Operations.

Many dots are connected inside “The 2020 COUP” that help expose you to the big picture. Patrick experienced one of these “dots” himself, in person. He was at the back of the TCF center when a van full of ballots arrived at 3:30AM on November 4th, 2020. “I was tired. They had no explanation for the ballots at the back of the TCF Center.  It was clear to me that they were attempting to steal the election. So I kicked an empty box across the floor saying “they are trying to steal the election”. Most Americans want to kick that box too. He went on to video capture computer cabling to routers, desktop icons showing devices were “internet” connected, and much more.

It infuriates Colbeck that officials falsely pass off simple ballot recounts as an “election audit”. Some jurisdictions even proclaim their new Risk Limiting Audit process is a “forensic audit”. The media repeat these phrases ad nauseum to convince the public that election was legitimate. He points out that an IRS Audit requires you provide the paper trail to validate the math on your 1040. If your receipts and records don’t match the entries, that IRS return is rejected. Fines can be levied until it is correct, and possibly jail. Election audits should be no different. From a voters registration to their ballot tabulation – officials need insure the paper trail for each ballot can be validated and is authentic.

The 2020 COUP includes images, charts, diagrams, letters, emails, and so on. It often references Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” because of the similarities between those Chinese military attack strategies, and the election fraud approach. Colbeck has a few easy to read areas for the technically advanced, like a section on PID controllers. These devices are commonly used to regulate the output of a system to achieve a desired setpoint. He unleashes a shocking discovery involving a Chinese University that even GP was unaware of. It makes sense this seasoned engineer found this connection. The 2020 COUP also touches on the roll of the biased media, and reminds us they were the only ones discouraging independent election investigations.

Patrick can take complicated issues and explain them in easy to understand terms. Like the problematic nature of having SQL Server software tools installed on an election server. It can be easily hacked to gain access, then alter results leaving no trail. “There’s just no reason for that to be installed”. If it will help others understand easier, he’ll create detailed flow diagrams on a whim. For instance, creating a visual to show the process and flow of election data? America, and especially Michiganders, are truly lucky to have a patriot like Patrick around. He’s points out our election results are almost entirely digitized now. Very few officials have access to see these results as they are automatically totaled and moved from polling place, to county, to other machines, and so on.

Like most successful engineers, Mr. Colbeck wants to make “stuff” better, including our elections. His website are “solutions amidst a world of sound bites”. He didn’t have subpoena authority to gain access to election information that many authorities refused to divulge. Even without this, the topics in the book cover a wide spectrum. The last sentences are certainly worth a mention: “We all need to get out of our comfort zone and stick up for the truth regardless of insults and false accusations. Other before us have sacrificed much more in the cause of liberty”. Well said! If only the RNC could become that example and grow a spine.

Colbeck announced the details about a tiny chip the size of quarter built into election devices. This was a 4G cellular modem specifically made for the U.S. Verizon network. The chip was found on the small mother board inside the ES&S DS200 ballot scanner & tabulator. The DS200 scans ballots, converts it to a digital image, then counts those votes. Isn’t this the last place you should have a modem? Imagine what Colbeck could accomplish if he had funding, subpoena powers, search warrants, and a team of honest FBI agents working under him. Hint, hint…..a 2025 Trump appointment?






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