WATCH: News Anchor Upset At “FCKBLM” License Plate — Suggests Public Report Driver

Last year, TV news anchor Tom George reported the story of a man who had an “FCKBLM” license plate.

After the story ran, the license plate was recalled — and the owner of the vehicle was told to surrender it.

It turns out that the owner is yet to surrender the plates. The same anchor did a follow-up story on the vehicle saying the driver has still not turned it in.

KTIV reported:

The license plate was first spotted in August 2021, and the City and County of Honolulu told us that the vanity license plate was an “ill-advised oversight”, as any requests with the letters ‘FCK’ or ‘FKN’ are automatically rejected.

At the time, the city said the plate was recalled and the owner would have to surrender it. But recently, people reported the car was still driving around with the plates. The city now says the owner was given three messages telling him he needed to surrender the plate, but he ignored them.

In a message to KITV4, the Department of Customer Services (CSD) said “we have sent three letters to the registered owner recalling the license plate. However, the registered owner has failed to surrender the plate. CSD has placed a hold on further renewals of his vehicle registration and his registration is now expired. HPD is able to cite the vehicle if it is being operated on the roads.”

He told his audience that if they see the car they can report it to the police.

“Right now it is a waiting game. If you see the car you can report it to the police. Now, a hold has been placed on the vehicle’s registration, and any further renewals until he surrenders those plates. Meanwhile, the police say they haven’t caught the driver to get those plates just yet.”

Twitter users called out the anchor over the story:

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