WATCH: Hochul Turns New York Into ‘Big Brother’ Having Social Media Monitor American Citizens And Report Activity

New York’s Governor, Kathy Hochul, has enacted full-scale social media monitoring in her state, looking at the actions of users, and monitoring American citizens like “big brother” in a proposed attempt to curb gun violence. 

In a speech on Monday, Hochul informed the crowd that her intentions were in motion to utilize big tech social media firms to monitor private citizens. 

Last month, Hochul unveiled what she called a “comprehensive plan to combat domestic terrorism and prevent gun violence”, in the wake of a mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store.

“We as a country are facing an intersection of two crises: the mainstreaming of hate speech – including white nationalism, racism, and white supremacy – and the easy access to military-style weapons and magazines,” Hochul said, announcing measures to create new domestic terrorism and intelligence units to increase social media monitoring.

The package of measures came as New York state authorities launched an investigation into social media platforms they believe the accused Buffalo grocery store gunman used to plan, promote and broadcast the attack.

On May 18, Hochul signed an Executive Order to Establish a New Domestic Terrorism Unit within the Office of Counter-Terrorism. The new unit will focus on “Deradicalization and Threat Assessment Management; Establishes State Police Unit Devoted to Tracking and Responding to Extremist Violent Threats on Social Media.”


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