ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Now They’re Blaming Me for Exposing Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Guest post by Roger Stone

It’s bad enough that I had to endure a politically motivated two-year witch-hunt in which I was falsely accused of “lying to Congress” to cover up Russian collusion that we now know definitively never actually happened.

The real reason I was prosecuted, of course, was because as a 42-year associate of President Donald Trump; I refused to testify falsely against him under relentless pressure from corrupt prosecutor Robert Mueller.

I was lynched after a 6 a.m. FBI raid at my home and put through a Soviet-style show trial with a Trump-hating, biased Judge, crooked Jury Forewoman, and a rigged Jury.  I was attacked by CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the jackals in the fake news media. These two years of unrelenting hell left my wife and I battered, exhausted, and virtually broke- but with our belief in God greatly strengthened.

Hysterical that I escaped the deadly snare so carefully set for me by Robert Muller and Congressman Adam Schiff, the fake news media has tried relentlessly through the use of “guilt by association” to insist that I must be involved in or know something about the illegal actions of January 6th. This, once again, is baseless but is used to drag my name through the mud, yet again…

Now, however, comes the most outrageous attack of all. Some nutty but wealthy Hollywood lawyer who is now representing Hunter Biden is actually peddling a story in which he falsely claims that I was somehow involved in copying and distributing the shocking material on Hunter Biden’s laptop!

Kevin Morris, a wealthy Hollywood entertainment lawyer has distributed a completely false and baseless scenario to the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and others, falsely claiming that I had some involvement in the release of Hunter Biden’s laptop which revealed epic corruption, illegal lobbying, sexual exploitation and drug abuse.

The diagram Mr. Morris is circulating to the media reminds me of the Unabomber’s manifesto. It is entirely devoid of any facts or evidence- just another smear.

Morris claims that Hunter’s laptop was passed from Dr. Keith Albow (a psychiatrist who was treating Hunter) to me and my lawyer Tyler Nixon, who in turn supplied it to Rudy Giuliani, who gave it to The New Post. This is completely false. Mayor Giuliani has been quite forthright about the entirely legal way he obtained the laptop.

We have, however, seen this tactic of deflection before. You will recall that the Democrats falsely claimed that Russian intelligence hacked their computer servers and forwarded the stolen and embarrassing data to WikiLeaks. This was done strictly to distract from the actual content of the stunning WikiLeaks disclosures which exposed the epic corruption and dirty tricks of the Clinton campaign. In other words – they create a controversy about the source of the information in order to distract from the stunning substance of it. This is the completely fraudulent crap Hunter Biden’s new leftist lawyer is pushing- it’s 100% tortured “guilt by association”- a favorite tactic of leftists.

Morris claims to have a team of thirty lawyers working on investigating his delusional pipe dream. They are wasting their time. I know nothing about Hunter’s laptop other than what I have read which is quite simply that John Paul Mac Issac, who owns a computer repair shop in Delaware, turned it over to the FBI after Hunter Biden failed to retrieve it and the FBI, despite the shocking evidence of crime contained did nothing lest they interfere with the election of Joe Biden.

Before this latest left-wing assault on me is over, I will be required to pay thousands of dollars more to lawyers. Since my pardon, my wife and I have been sued in over 17 frivolous, baseless, but highly sensationalized harassment lawsuits. Thanks to the support of thousands of Americans, 11 of these lawsuits have been dismissed and we are fighting the other 6. The harassment of the January 6th Committee in the latest witch-hunt is also costing our family thousands of dollars in legal fees. Those patriots who want to help us can go to

(Stay tuned – news coming out soon related to this from The Gateway Pundit.)

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