Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces She is Introducing Bill to Make it Illegal for Children to be Exposed to Drag Queen Performances

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced that she is introducing a bill that would make it illegal for children to be exposed to drag queen performances.

Greene announced the upcoming bill in a Twitter post on Tuesday evening.

“I’m introducing a bill to make it illegal for children to be exposed to Drag Queen performances,” the representative wrote.

Earlier in the day, Greene had quote tweeted a video from Libs of TikTok that said “a bakery in NJ hosted a ‘family-friendly’ drag show for all ages. Children hand money to the drag queen who also gets cash stuffed into his bra including from someone who appears to be a minor.” The tweet included a video of the performance and children attendance.

In her response, Greene wrote, “This needs to be illegal. What’s the difference in children stuffing cash in a drag queen bra and a strippers bra? Nothing. It’s wrong and it’s indoctrination.”

Greene has been outspoken about children being exposed to drag shows for some time.

On June 6, Greene had tweeted that “it should be illegal to take children into Drag Queen shows and strip clubs.”

“And there should be no federal funding for any school that intentionally confuses children about gender/sexuality,” Greene added. “Any teacher or school employee caught doing so should be fired and lose all benefits.”

The following day, Greene added, “I could care less what 2 consenting adults do sexually, nor do I judge, but when it comes to adults training children sexually, both mentally & physically, I do care. And so do MOST people. We must protect children from child grooming predators & abusers in every way possible.”



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