Bannon UNLEASHED Outside DC Courthouse: America First “Uprising” Will “Destroy the Democratic Party” For Good, “Govern for 100 Years” – (VIDEO)

Trump ally and adviser Steve Bannon came out swinging following an appearance in DC court on Wednesday, claiming that the America First ‘MAGA’ movement will soon reclaim the US by ‘destroying the Democratic party’ once and for all.

After a three-hour court hearing, where Bannon’s request to get the bogus Jan 6th witch hunt committee’s criminal contempt charges against him dropped was rejected by Judge Carl Nichols, Bannon addressed the media outside the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse and blasted the current state of the country, which, he said, will result in a massive shift in America’s political power structure for years to come.

According to Bannon, the America-hating Marxist left has spurred an “uprising” of “Hispanics, African Americans, and working-class people that will rival the “political tidal wave” that occurred in the early 1930s, when Democrats beat out Republicans 3 to 1 and picked up 97 seats behind Franklyn Roosevelt.

Come November, the results won’t even be close, Bannon predicted. Republicans are set up for sweeping victories across the country, and he is projecting anywhere from 80 to 100 seats to be picked up come midterms. That is – of course – if the polls aren’t rigged nine ways to Sunday a la’ 2020.

Unlike Democrats, who cheat and skirt ‘trivial’ things like voter ID measures, MAGA candidates earn their votes.

From Bannon:

“We’re winning everywhere, we’re gonna get 55 to 60% of the Hispanic vote this November, we’re gonna get 50% of the African American male vote this November… We are on the rise democratically. We’re going to win at the ballot box. We’re going to have a blowout. 

…You’re witnessing right now a political realignment like 1932. And we will govern for a hundred years after we win a hundred seats.

If all goes according to plan, it will spell d-o-o-m for the Democrats, who have increasingly exposed themselves as Marxist radicals since Trump flipped the ‘political table’ over in 2016. They, along with “neoliberal, neo-con” RINOs, such as crybaby Adam Kinzinger and dirtbag Liz Cheney, have shown their true colors one too many times, according to Bannon.

“I believe that we will destroy the Democratic Party as a national political institution,” Bannon stated boldly.

Bannon’s comments mirror some of his past statements about a rising America First political movement that is raring up to take back Washington DC and drain the swamp. In a November episode of his War Room podcast, Bannon glowingly referred to this movement as an “army of patriots” and “MAGA Shock Troops” who are poised to make significant gains in the upcoming election.

However, the movement has only strengthened since then, and the Democrats are in full-blown meltdown mode because of it. Not only are they moving forward with the grand culmination of the year-plus long investigation into the so-called Capitol ‘insurrection’ by airing a highly-produced bogus show trial to drum up interest in the dying narrative, but they are also cracking down on dissent – aka free speech – at an unprecedented pace.

This failed regime can’t afford to have people acknowledging reality, so they are tightening their grip through arbitrary, tyrannical power grabs and unconstitutional means – and people are taking notice, especially since the gas crisis really kicked into high gear.

One thing is for sure – with the way things are looking now – if there is anything short of a massive red wave come November, the most secure election rigged election in 2020 will look like child’s play comparatively.



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