Is Demon Pelosi the First Communist Speaker of the House? Last Night’s Production Was Straight Out of the Chavez Handbook

Last night’s production in the House was straight out of the communist playbook and with it came the confirmation of the communist takeover of the US House of Representatives and our government.

Last night the communist regime running the US House of Representatives ensured that all major media outlets share their show trials to the American people.  Like Mao Zedong in communist China, Joseph Stalin in communist Russia, or Hugo Chavez in communist Venezuela, all major news outlets were coerced to see only what the regime allowed them to see.

See for yourself.
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Only FOX, Newsmax, and OAN decided not to run the show trials and today, CNN shamed them for not joining in like good communists.

The prime-time hearing began at 8 p.m. Eastern time. When Rep. Bennie Thompson gaveled the hearing to order, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ignored him. Carlson declared that the “ruling class” was giving “yet another lecture about January 6.” He called the hearing “propaganda” and reveled in his refusal to air it. “They are lying,” he said, “and we are not going to help them do it.”
Carlson then lied himself: He said “if something noteworthy happens” at the hearing, “obviously we will bring it to you immediately.” But his show did not do that.
When Thompson said January 6 was “the culmination of an attempted coup,” Carlson asked why the news media cared at all. He barely mentioned Donald Trump, even though the former president’s plot to undermine American democracy was the focal point of the hearing. Instead, he talked a lot about Democrats and questioned why other networks were committing “collusion” with the House by televising the hearing. “Because the Democrats and the left are desperate,” his guest Jason Whitlock said.

The fact that not one of the major media outlets said they would not show the communist-like show trials, says what our media is and how it is now propaganda for the far left cabal.

The fact that the now communist left claims that President Trump was trying to overthrow an election is laughable, if not so sinister.

Pelosi’s communist House Committee does not adhere to the rules it set up for the committee.  When the GOP offered five representatives to place on the committee, as agreed, Pelosi said no and put her own two NeverTrumper House members on the committee – crazy Liz Cheney and crybaby Adam Kinzinger.   They hate Trump and the good Americans he represents so they were perfect for the committee.  Many believe Cheney runs the committee.

These actions show that the uniparty is running the House and the uniparty will do anything to keep power, like the communists of old.  These animals were so threatened by President Trump they created a made-up Russia collusion sham that they all knew was false.  Then when Trump’s base only grew they realized they had to steal the 2020 Election.  They never imagined he would win by such a large margin.

What the left-wing communists continuously try to do is create a picture that they are a majority while pretending that Americans who supported President Trump are a minority.  This is another lie.

President Trump shattered the number of votes in 2020 for a President and valid votes in an election.  Every day we find more and more evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 Election.  The communist media won’t share it, like good puppies.  The lies continue.  There simply is no way imaginable that this guy who couldn’t fill a dozen circles at his embarrassing events could beat President Trump.  No way.

Now the communists, to hold their power are imprisoning good Americans from Jan 6, some of whom were asked to participate with the FBI but refused (Jeremy Brown) and others who fought the brutal police actions to save lives (Jake Lang who narrated the below movie from prison).

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The House is now full-blown commie.  Pelosi is a demonic leader like all communists.  Don’t believe their made-up garbage.

The real coup occurred on Nov 3rd when the election was stolen.  We know it.  We are the majority.  We have God and the truth on our side.  We will never lose against evil.  Not possible. 

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