Obama Judge Amy Totenberg Sealed Halderman Report Showing Material Voting Machine Issues in Georgia – This Week CISA Released Junk Rebuttal to Report Still Not Released

Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of an investigation of voting machines in Georgia.  This report has still not been released.  This week CISA released a report showing material discrepancies in these systems while attempting to downplay these material issues. 

Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Totenberg is a real piece of work.  She is the sister of another piece of work, government-funded NPR’s far-left correspondent Nina Totenberg.

We first reported on Obama Judge Totenberg in 2018 when she got involved in that election and tried to steal the Georgia governor’s race for Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Two Radical Obama-Appointed Judges Rule in Favor of Stacey Abrams in Her Attempt to Steal Election

Then in 2021, Judge Totenberg committed her gravest offense as a judge.  She sealed and covered up the results of the Halderman report in Georgia.  To this day we don’t know what is in this report.  Halderman’s investigation into the voting machines in Georgia started before the 2020 Election and was completed in July 2021.

Steve Bannon interviewed Kurt Olsen, about cybersecurity analyst, J. Alex Halderman, who found flaws in Dominion voting machines and warned about the potential for future attacks.  Judge Totenberg sealed the report. According to court documents, Halderman wrote his report after he was given 12 weeks of access to an unused Dominion ICX voting machine. Professor Halderman requested the report to be unsealed to be shared with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a standalone United States federal agency responsible for our infrastructure, including our voting systems.

Here is the interview:

The report eventually made it to the CISA and they released their report this week.  Many believe that this CISA report was released in an effort to mitigate the results from the Halderman Report when it is finally released.

Judge Totenberg is the corrupt judge who also allowed Hillary’s attorney Marc Elias to use the 14th Amendment to try and prevent Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from running in the 2022 Election:

…U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg, an Obama appointee, has been engaging in her own activism from the bench, allowing a bogus activist lawsuit to proceed, despite past court rulings that established its claims as void under the law.

The attack, masterminded by Steele Dossier architect Marc Elias, has tried to use an archaic section of the 14th Amendment to claim that Greene and several other prominent, pro-Trump Republicans, effectively seceded from the US and should be disqualified.

Crooked Judge Amy Totenberg has a biased and politically motivated past.  She is still keeping the Halderman report under wraps.  There is no good reason to do so.  This is one reason why this judge is referred to as crooked. 

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