NeverTrumper and Leader of ‘Unselect Committee’ Liz Cheney Hugged Star Witness Cassidy Hutchinson After Hearing – What a Joke!

Liz Cheney hugs her star witness and fraud Cassidy Hutchinson after her ridiculous testimony that was riddled with lies. 

A photo of Cheney hugging her star witness ‘Hearsay Hutchinson’, who immediately was caught in numerous lies following her testimony is going viral. 

Why would Cheney hug a witness if she was supposedly fair and unbiased?

Apparently, Liz was impressed.

The Jan 6 disaster just got jolted with another blow on its credibility after a picture of Liz Cheney was found of her hugging her star witness.

The response to the picture were classic:

Hutchinson has been caught providing numerous lies under oath but nothing will happen to her.  Each day we have identified more and more lies. She claimed the President tried to take over the driving of the car he was in.  The Secret Service said she was lying before she finished.

DEBUNKED! Jan. 6 Committee “Surprise” Witness GETS CAUGHT – US Secret Service Sources DENY Trump Tried to Grab Steering Wheel — ARE WILLING TO TESTIFY!

She claimed the president broke dishes.  WTH?

Jan. 6 Witness Cassidy ‘Smollett’ Hutchinson Claims Trump Broke Dishes, Flipped Tablecloths ‘Several Times’ (VIDEO)

She lied about a note that Liz Cheney knew was from someone else who testified about it under oath.

MORE LIES: Cassidy Hutchinson ALSO Lied about Handwritten Note in Testimony — And Liz Cheney KNEW IT WAS A FALSE because the Actual Author of the Note Testified It Was His!

And Cassidy lied twice about Roger Stone.

EXCLUSIVE: ROGER STONE Adds Two More Lies to List of Lies Made by Liz Cheney’s Star Witness Cassidy Hutchinson

What a trainwreck Pelosi, Cheney, and the Dems are making of this US Congress and our Constitution.  The place is nothing like the founders designed it to be.

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