‘Ministry of Truth’ 2.0: Kamala Harris to Lead New Task Force Targeting “Online Harassment, Abuse, and Disinformation Campaigns”

Here we go again.

In yet another move to silence dissent, the Biden regime announced the creation of a new task force that will target online abuse and harassment on Thursday.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who also serves as Biden’s failed ‘border czar’, will lead the new program, which is officially dubbed “the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse.” She will be joined by the White House’s Director of Gender Policy as well as Biden’s assistant for National Security Affairs, who will both serve as the task force’s co-chairs.

According to an official White House “fact sheet,” the task force will be responsible for policing speech online that’s deemed abusive, and it will respond “to the need for government leadership to address online harms,” which they claim, “disproportionately affect women, girls, people of color, and LGBTQI+ individuals.”

One of the main goals of the new task force will be to “enhance and expand data collection and research” related to online harassment, and, with that, develop “programs and policies” to effectively “address” (silence) what the government deems to be “online harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns.”

From the WH fact sheet:

“President Biden will sign a Presidential Memorandum establishing the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse, responding to the need for government leadership to address online harms, which disproportionately affect women, girls, people of color, and LGBTQI+ individuals.

…The Task Force will produce recommendations for the Federal government, state governments, technology platforms, schools, and other public and private entities to prevent and address technology-facilitated gender-based violence, including a focus on the nexus between online misogyny and radicalization to violence. 

…Developing programs and policies to address the disproportionate impact of online harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns targeting women and LGBTQI+ individuals who are public and political figures, government and civic leaders, activists, and journalists in the United States and globally.”

Sound familiar? The new task force is essentially a rebranded version of the Biden Regime’s failed “disinformation governance board,” but this time – instead of putting a Marxist lunatic in charge – they went with the unprecedentedly unpopular Kamala Harris, who is polling worse than Biden.

The task force will reportedly conduct its first meeting on Thursday afternoon, which will be centered around a “survivor and expert roundtable” discussion that will be led by Kamala.

Some of the so-called ‘expert’ attendees will include high-ranking Biden regime officials, including Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Attorney General Merrick Garland, according to The Hill.

There will even be a celebrity appearance – this failed regime loves trotting out the influencer army. Tennis player Sloan Stevens, who received backlash for withdrawing from the US Open will appear as a “survivor” of online harassment.

From The Hill:

“The effort aims to tackle health and violence concerns stemming from online harassment and abuse. Attorney General Merrick Garland and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy will both be at Thursday’s inaugural meeting. 

Tennis champion Sloane Stephens, who has spoken publicly about the harassing messages she received after exiting the US Open, will also be in attendance. 

The launch of the task force comes after the administration last month separately suspended plans for a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disinformation board weeks after it was announced, following fierce pushback from Republicans and civil rights groups alike.”

Despite closely mirroring the agenda of Biden’s dystopian ‘Misinformation Governance Board,’ the White House cited “tragic events in Buffalo and Uvalde” as justification for the task force’s existence, adding that “the internet can fuel hate, misogyny, and abuse with spillover effects that threaten our communities and safety offline.”

But, as they admitted in the “fact sheet” above, the target is way deeper than online harassment, the task force will also be going after American citizens for “disinformation campaigns” – which, as we have repeatedly seen, can mean absolutely anything that is deemed counter to the regime’s approved narrative.

While there were no specific examples given on the types of conduct or speech that would be targeted, the White House clarified that the task force will be focusing on any form of “illegal conduct.” The group has been given the next 180 days to come up with recommendations for how the federal government can compel and force Americans to comply with its woke standards of behavior while keeping them from straying from the approved narrative.

Just like with the Ministry of Truth, this ‘task force’ has no business existing. It is just the latest way the failed Biden regime is attempting to handle the backlash of its destructive America-last agenda heading into the midterms.

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