Jesse Watters Says ‘Hurricane Joe’ Will Lead To A Summer Of ‘Panic’ For Americans

On Saturday night, Fox News host Jesse Watters appeared on an episode of Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, where he pointed to a potential surge of panic coming during the months ahead amid President Biden’s failing leadership of the American economy. 

Watters warned viewers of a summer of “panic” under President Biden.

Bongino opened the segment by asking Watters if the Biden Administration “Do they think we’re idiots?” He was referring to the constant denial of inflation and the inevitable recession affecting Americans.

Watters told Bongino that he predicted rising gas prices would continue to impact the lives of every American. He said it had the potential to thwart plans for family gatherings and events scheduled for July 4. 

“The full wrath of Hurricane Joe really hasn’t been experienced yet by the American people. And I think this summer, we will see panic in the final stage,” Watters said

Watters went on to blame the Federal Reserve for being too late to raise interest rates to combat rising inflation, something that will have a lasting impact on Americans in the years ahead. 

He said that rising crime, under a wave of “woke” lawmakers, would also be part of the pain in the months ahead. 

He then referred to the energy crisis that is affecting the nation, blaming the climate change policies of the Biden administration. He said they would lead to the brownouts, or blackouts as many state leaders have warned, which would cause many Americans to suffer under the summer heat. 

Watters said he is worried about Biden attempting extreme measures to manage the coming troubles. “What I’m scared of, Dan, is he is going to panic and go full Bernie Sanders,” Watter said.

Watter then noted that those measures might include “illegal” executive orders to appease his Democratic base. 

“What’s more, Biden lacks the political skills to course-correct, even after the midterm elections, in which Republicans are expected to win control of at least one chamber of Congress,” Watters said.

Watters’ final statement summed up the primary reason for his concern about “Hurricane Joe” and the impending summer struggles. “I don’t actually think he really cares that much, Dan, about the suffering of this country,” he added.


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