Greg Gutfeld Explains Why The Liberal Media Is Distancing Itself From Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Have you noticed that people in the liberal media have begun distancing themselves from Joe Biden?

There’s a very simple reason for that. They know he is damaged goods, politically.

They are trying to let the Democrats know that they are ready for someone else to step in and take over or to run in 2024.

Greg Gutfeld recently explained it well.

FOX News reports:

Greg Gutfeld: The media is distancing itself from Joe Biden because they know he is ‘done’

So poor Joe Biden is in such deep doo doo and not just his own, that the media seems to be turning their back on him. It’s like when Kilmeade enters a crowded elevator, they treat him like he’s got monkeypox, from the source.

And why? Well, they finally figured it out, Biden sucks harder than Brian Stelter trying to drink a shamrock shake through a crazy straw. So no one in the media is going to suck up anymore. They suddenly discovered objectivity, once he became objectively the worst president of the past 100 years. Although we’re being told the president has done everything he can…

A new Fox News poll shows just 18% say the economy is excellent or good. By the way, the margin of error for that poll is plus or minus 100 —- percent. No one ever says that. No one ever says that. Plus or -3%, —- you. That leaves 82% in agreement that Biden’s economy is about as shaky as me at a dry wedding. But I’ve said it before, getting 82% of anyone to agree on anything is tough…

So this might make you think there’s a media shift going on, but is it really? And if it is, what’s the real reason for it?

Well, when it comes to mainstream media and their motivations, just picture rats swimming away from the Titanic.

Here’s the video:

Greg nailed this.

People in media know Joe is a sinking man.

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