EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden’s Attorneys Make Wild Accusations in Effort to Discredit the Truth About Hunter’s Laptop from Hell

Hunter’s lawyers may hava a laptop but it’s not the ‘laptop from hell’. 

Late last week it was first reported that some lawyers reportedly representing Hunter Biden were claiming that they have Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.  TGP shared a report from CBS that made this statement.

CBS Releases Photo of Hunter Biden’s Laptop – Did the FBI Hand Over the One in Its Possession to Hunter?

As reported this morning, Roger Stone shared in an exclusive with TGP that Hunter’s attorneys were reportedly claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop went from Hunter’s psychiatrist Dr. Ablow to Roger Stone and from there to someone named Tyler Nixon and then to Mac Issac.  Below is a schematic of the confusing (by purpose) laptop distribution reportedly coming from Hunter’s attorneys.

Hunter’s team of attorneys is attempting to claim or at least insinuate that Hunter’s laptop from hell that was reported on by TGP before the 2020 Election and by TGP and others since, has the same information on it as a laptop that is now in possession of Dr. Ablow, Hunter’s therapist.

In the CBS article late last week it was shared:

team led by Kevin Morris, an entertainment lawyer best known for crafting a 9-figure deal for the creators of the animated series “South Park,” has been probing the backstory of how another Hunter Biden laptop containing what appear to be years of personal and intimate emails and business records found its way to news reporters and authorities. The effort appears to be aimed at blunting the impact of an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax records and business dealings by sowing doubts about that computer, which made headlines in 2020.

A source from Hunter Biden’s team of advisers told CBS News the laptop now in their possession may be the key to determining if anything was altered or added to that second laptop discovered at a Delaware repair shop — or to the other hard drives that have journeyed through multiple sets of hands.

“We have the Rosetta Stone,” the adviser said.

“They can send us theirs and we’ll see what they have,” the adviser said, referring to news outlets and various critics of Hunter Biden who have copies of the laptop contents that first went public in the New York Post during the 2020 presidential campaign. “They should be the ones with the burden of proof in this nasty circus.”

1. Hunter Biden’s attorneys insinuate that all laptops are the same and have the same information, which is silly. 

This first accusation makes no sense.  To state that the contents of one laptop mirror the contents of another laptop is silly.  How many people maintain the exact same contents of data, files, and information on two different laptops?  This just doesn’t happen.

To think that drug addict Hunter who couldn’t keep his computers dry, could manage to copy the contents of one laptop to another on a regular basis is simply unbelievable.

2. Hunter Biden’s attorneys insinuate that it is important whether one of the laptops handed over to computer repairman Mac Isaac was the Dr. Ablow laptop.  This too makes no sense.

Hunter’s lawyers next claim something different:

Hunter Biden’s legal team is alleging that whatever device Mac Isaac turned over to the FBI, it was not the one Hunter Biden left behind at Ablow’s office.

So what?  What is wrong with this?

John Paul Mac Isaac the computer repairman who Hunter Biden dropped off his laptops with, claimed Hunter brought in three laptops that day to be fixed.  Mac Isaac shared in an exclusive interview:

Hunter had three MacBook pro laptops with water damage.  One was destroyed beyond repair and he gave that back to Hunter.  The other required a keyboard that he loaned to Hunter.  He never got that one back.  The third laptop Hunter left with Mac Isaacs to fix.

This third laptop had problems with power where it would shut off periodically so Mac Isaacs took some time to download the data from that machine.  During this download process, Mac Isaac began to notice lots of porn and lots of financial information.

Mac Isaac also shared that there was more than enough evidence of wrongdoing in Ukraine during the Obama Administration on that laptop.

Hunter had three laptops in his possession when he entered that store in Deleware.  Was one of these laptops the same laptop that was located at Dr. Ablow’s office?  Who knows?  Certainly, Hunter couldn’t tell us.  He was so strung out when he met Mac Isaac that he probably shouldn’t have been driving if he was.

3. Based on their own admission, Hunter Biden’s laptop that was obtained from Dr. Albo’s office was held by the authorities for some time. 

We know that there are files and documents on the laptop from hell that could not be on the laptop found in Dr. Ablow’s office because they were created after the laptop in Dr. Ablow’s office was confiscated.

Hunter’s attorneys claim that in February 2019, Hunter left his laptop with Dr. Ablow.  This laptop was confiscated by authorities and not returned until March 20, 2020.

John Paul Mac Isaac says that Hunter stopped by his repair store on April 12, 2019.  Even if the laptops were copies of each other, which is highly, highly unlikely, the Dr. Ablow laptop would be missing any files after February 2019 located on the laptop from hell.

Hunter’s legal team appears to be attempting to muddy the water, using the corrupt media to assist.  Their statements appear more to disinform than to get to the truth.

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