DISGUSTING: National Review Takes Credit for Roe v. Wade Being Overturned and Then Continues Its Ceaseless Attacks on President Trump

It’s no wonder that National Review is failing.  They are so off base in their reporting that they think they are the reason for Roe v. Wade being overturned then they continue with their ever-consistent attacks on President Trump.  

Some people are unfortunately lost forever.  

National Review’s Jim Geraghty released a report today that’s almost hard to believe if it wasn’t coming from National Review.  Geraghty effectively claims stolen-valor credit while giving President Trump none – zero for Roe v. Wade being overturned:

On the menu today: a request for your support; a question about all of the Trump administration staffers and cabinet officials who paint a horrific picture of their former boss; some tough questions about just what the January 6 commission is supposed to accomplish; and where Attorney General Merrick Garland is in all this.

NR Said ‘End Roe,’ and Go Figure, It Actually Happened

It’s not often that conservatives get to celebrate an unalloyed, long-awaited, indisputable, across-the-board, definitive triumph like the Dobbs decision.

(As noted on The Editors podcast this week, I look forward to the irritable and pessimistic nationalist-populist Right asking, “Okay, so other than overturning Roe v. Wade, what has the conservative movement ever done?”)

National Review has always been passionately pro-life, but back in November, we put out a special issue of the magazine examining the arguments — legal, political, and social — for finally ending the Roe era in America. The cover was simple and direct: “END ROE.”

And go figure, it actually happened. If only every argument on our covers became reality so quickly.

One argument on their covers didn’t become reality but they continue with their assault anyways.  For years National Review hated President Trump and went after him with all they had.  This was their moment of truth and their fall into nothingness.

And they still continue with this effort claiming President Trump is unfit for office.

Next, in What Trump’s Former Employees Keep Telling Us, Over and Over Again, he claims that there is a “continuing pattern where once widely respected, reputable figures who worked with Trump come away from the experience telling the public that he belongs nowhere near any government power,” and that he is “a maniac or deeply corrupt, stunningly ill-informed or ignorant, selfish, nuts, or some combination of these or other bad traits.” — with nary a word about the Kellyanne Conways, Kayleigh McEnenys, Pompeos, Navarros, etc. who clearly don’t feel that way, while completely ignoring the fact that the press is *always* on the lookout to harm President Trump.

What the hell is in the water at the place Bill Buckley founded? Say what you want about Buckley not being sufficiently aggressive, but he was a full-throated supporter and long-time friend of Reagan, who much of the rest of the GOP establishment despised.

At first, it was sad to see National Review’s fall, now it is difficult to see the difference between its reporting of President Trump and the national media’s daily attacks.    

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