Disgraceful: AFP Is Recruiting Doorwalk Campaigners for NeverTrumper Rep. Peter Meijer in Michigan

Supposedly ‘conservative’ organization Americans for Prosperity, backed by billionaire Charles Koch, is recruiting, training, and deploying door-to-door campaigners for NeverTrump Congressman Peter Meijer, who was one of the Trump impeachment voters.

This kind of outside support is necessary to protect Peter Meijer from an effective primary challenge against hard-working Trump-backed challenger John Gibbs.

NeverTrump DeVos family money funds AFP, which in turn funds candidates in direct opposition to President Trump like Peter Meijer.

AFP claims to support free markets and low taxes, but in practice they have become yet another arm of the Republican establishment seeking to shut down America First candidates. These establishment types would rather lose and let liberal Democrats win than stomach America First candidates winning.

A former AFP volunteer explained that AFP’s Michigan chapter was busy trying to figure out how to recruit volunteers without admitting that they were actively working against Trump, since most of their own volunteers would quit if they realized what they were really supporting.

That is probably why the AFP door-walking contract comes with strict Non-Disclosure Agreements.

AFP is supported by the NeverTrumper Betsy DeVos faction in Michigan politics. AFP even shares office space with the “Freedom Fund” which is largely just a front for the DeVos family to protect their various shady business interests and prevent pro-Trump candidates from winning.

The DeVos family gave lavishly to the late John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, two Republican candidates who regularly and repeatedly betrayed conservatives and worked overtime to undermine President Trump when he won in 2016.

Meijer is from an establishment Republican family that owns grocery stores bearing their name across Michigan. Other members of Peter’s family disagree with his anti-Trump stance, including his courageous sister Haley. Trump openly celebrated recruiting his challengers.

The anti-Trump Michigan establishment donors have made clear they are at war with Trump-endorsed candidates in 2022.

The Republican establishment supports Peter Meijer, and the big money special interests that ensure Republicans lose every major election are busy subsidizing this loser.

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