The Democrat Friendly New York Times Changes Its Tune On The Nation’s Crime Surge

In a Saturday article entitled “Democrats Are Feeling The Pressure On Crime From Their Own Base,” The New York Times has an apparent change of opinion on the ideas of soaring crime rates and police reform. 

The mostly liberal-leaning news outlet finally admitted that the nation’s crime wave is out of control and must be confronted. 

Saturday’s article, written by Alexander Burns, focused on the reality that the progressive ideals of “police reform” have given way to the epidemic of violent crimes. The report notes that the most significant push for change comes “largely from people of color.” 

The author cites Democratic campaigns in larger, more “progressive” cities like Baltimore, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seattle. Burns concludes that the need for immediate change to policing and crime policies comes from a “mounting outcry from Black, Hispanic and Asian-American communities.” 

Burns points out that nonwhite citizens have been “bearing the brunt of a national crime wave.” She also pointed out that most of the Democratic political candidates pushing for more policing are also nonwhite. 

The critical observation of this stark change in The New York Times‘ focus to become harder on crime is why the outlet makes it a point to publish such an opinion. 

If it were primarily white voters or white candidates demanding more policing and tighter policy on crime, the outlet would not likely publish such a story. Or, they would at least publish one criticizing the “white supremacy” of those asking for change. 

They recently published such a narrative regarding New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who called white supremacy the “nation’s greatest threat.”

But with nonwhite citizens and politicians asking for change, the outlet appears to be fully on board with sharing the concept. A story and narrative like this one essentially grants Dems permission to adopt an anti-crime platform for the fall midterms. 


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