Democrat Pollster Doug Schoen Warns His Party Of ‘Historic’ Losses In November Midterms

Democrat pollster Doug Schoen has a warning for his party. Get ready for historic losses in November.

Schoen has been around long enough to know what happens to the party in power when inflation and gas prices are out of control.

The only question is how bad the losses will be.

Breitbart News reports:

Democrat Doug Schoen Warns of ‘Historic’ Losses in November

Democrat Doug Schoen, a political consultant, has warned his party that they could face “historic” losses in the mid-terms come November if the winds don’t miraculously change.

In a lengthy op-ed for The Hill, Schoen argued that Democrats just will not be able to shake or avoid President Joe Biden’s increasing unpopularity with the American public, with the latest Quinnipiac poll putting his approval rating at a dismal 35 percent. Biden has also lost ground with two key voting blocs needed to pull out a victory: independents and Hispanics.

Schoen blamed this on “economic pessimism,” which he defined as Americans being “not convinced” of the economy’s well-being in the face of skyrocketing inflation and high gas prices. Though the Democrats have tried to shift the conversation away from those issues onto issues like abortion and gun control, Schoen seemed unenthusiastic that voters will be persuaded.

Nearly one-half (48 percent) of Americans cite economic issues — including inflation (21 percent), the economy generally (19 percent) and gas prices (8 percent) — as the single most important issue to their midterm vote, according to recent ABC News polling.

Democrats have completely brought this on themselves.

Biden and Democrats have done an awful job.

They have truly earned what’s coming to them in November.

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