Chinese Employees Repeatedly Accessed Private Data from Numerous TikTok Users per Leaked Audio from Internal Meetings

Chinese employees repeatedly accessed private data from numerous American TikTok users.

On Friday it was reported that TikTok is obtaining private information on users in the US.

On Friday Chinese-owned TikTok announced it completed the migration of its American user data to Oracle-owned U.S.-based servers, ostensibly bringing to close a years-long national security debate between the company and the U.S. government. We say “ostensibly” because the announcement came within hours of a new report citing leaked audio from TikTok meetings that allegedly confirms U.S. user data has repeatedly been accessed from China.

Those claims come by way of a Friday BuzzFeed News report which cites leaked audio from more than 80 internal, China-based TikTok meetings. (Chinese tech giant ByteDance owns TikTok). Specifically, BuzzFeed claims the recordings include 14 statements from nine employees who admit engineers had access to U.S. user data for five months between September 2021 and January 2022.

This really should come as no surprise to anyone who knows privacy policies in China.  Simply put, in China there is no privacy.  Everything you do and say is information belonging to the state.  This is how the communist regime keeps its power.  This information is then used to control people.  If an individual has a blemish on his or her record, that individual goes to the end of the line.

This information on TikTok is information that is owned by the state in China.  So this comes as no surprise.

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