CDC EXPOSED! Government Body Used False Data To Approve The COVID Jab For Children

The Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) was exposed for using highly misleading information when presenting to the vaccine advisory panel that approved the COVID-19 vaccine for children. 

Shortly after the approval, observers began to point out the misleading information in a disturbing exposure of the agency’s efforts to ensure it was party to injecting kids with a vaccine that is likely not effective or safe. 

The agency featured a pre-print study ranking causes of death in children when presenting to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). The apparent urgency led the ACIP to vote and recommend kids aged six months through four years get vaccinated for COVID-19. 

The data in the pre-print study featured subjects between birth and 19 years. However, those involved in the study are primarily in the United Kingdom, where the classification of adult data begins at age 18, so it is unclear why data points for subjects aged 18 to 19 were used. 

One manipulated aspect of the paper, as first pointed out by, is that it ranks total cumulative COVID-19 deaths alongside annual rates for other causes of death. This means that the study used multiple years of COVID-19 deaths compared to annual deaths for other morbidities. The manipulated data was also exposed in depth by The Daily Caller this week, leading to more focus on the issue which put America’s children at risk. 

The study ranked the cause of death of the youngest patients as fifth while ranking it as the eighth leading cause of death for all other groups. In every age group in the study, the cumulative COVID-19 death rate is more than double the annualized death rate.

As we have seen in the reporting worldwide since the beginning of the COVID-19 plandemic, the study conflated deaths caused directly by COVID-19 versus those for which COVID-19 was just a “contributing” factor. The study notes in those cases that “we only consider Covid-19 as an underlying (and not contributing) cause of death.”

The study drew its data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), which calculates COVID-19 deaths using any death certificate on which COVID-19 is mentioned, not just cases where it was the primary reason for death. 

Here’s where you can see data manipulation leading to the panel’s approval of the child vaccine. The NCHS data in the study says there have been 1,433 pediatric COVID-19 deaths through April 30, 2022. But, the CDC’s own data, which counts only deaths where COVID-19 was the leading cause, reported 1,088 pediatric deaths during the same period. That’s a variation of roughly 25% fewer deaths by COVID-19 in children, a marked variation to manipulate data accuracy.

When the CDC data is annualized and only includes deaths where the virus was the primary cause, COVID-19 does not rank as a leading cause of death for young children. A leading cause is defined as being one of the top five reason for a child’s death.

According the CDC’s own data here is how COVID-19 ranks among age groups under age 18:

  • For infants, COVID-19 ranks 9th, behind influenza and pneumonia, heart disease, and homicide. 
  • Among kids aged 1-4 and 5-9, COVID-19 ranked in a four-way tie for the 8th leading cause of death.
  • For ages 10-14 it ranked in a two-way tie for 8th. 
  • For teens between 15 and 18 years old, it ranks 6th.

Multiple sources have reached out to the CDC for clarification and comment regarding using manipulated data. The CDC’s response is to re-tabulate data from another source and update the pre-print study. 

One of those responding, a co-author of the study, Dr. Seth Flaxman, a computer science professor at the Imperial College of London, tweeted after the flaws in the paper were brought to light that the team is working on a revised version to be shared soon. 

Despite the exposure of the fraudulent data, the governing health bodies have approved the vaccine, the United States government began a rollout and funding of the vaccine, and children have started to receive it. 


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