BREAKING HUGE: Otero County New Mexico Votes to Remove Dominion Voting Systems, Zuckerberg Drop Boxes, and Other Election Machines!

(Above Otero County Commission at the beginning of the day making the pledge of allegiance.)

The Otero County Commission had a long day of discussions and reports today and then they landed upon the issues with the 2020 Election.  They voted to eliminate voting machines in the county!

TGP reported this morning on today’s petition to eliminate using voting machines in the county.

Democrats and Dominion Now Trying to Stop 2020 Election Audit in New Mexico – US House Oversight Committee Getting Involved

In the Otero Commission meeting, David and Erin Clement shared on the status of their work and the rationale for not using Dominion voting systems in the future.

Attorney and former New Mexico state attorney David Clement shared with the Otero County Commission that his audit team had identified 17 massive vulnerabilities, 13 of which are express violations of the election code.  But the most embarrassing violation per a letter from the New Mexico Secretary of State to Dominion is:

 “where there an admission that they’re not in compliance, legal compliance with the most recent EAC standards.  And they are normally voluntary unless you adopt and codify them.  And if you adopt and codify them, you have to follow them.  In fact, the plain text of the statute says you shall be not be certifying anything that is not in compliance with the most recent EAC standards…

So we’re finding out, and it gets even worse than that, that for the past year, not only has there been a massive violation of the election code, in not complying with those standards, it has created a mess for you all.  Because you’re being asked to use these machines and certify something that’s unlawful.

After a day of discussions, the Otero Commission voted on the three following items.

The commission voted to pass all three of the above motions.

These commissioners were fearless.  The more flack they got the more they knew they were over the target.  They wanted every legal vote to count.

“We do all want the same thing.  We all want a fair election”

“If we don’t find out what’s going on, we’ll never know.”

Wow, these commissioners were great.

Here is the actual vote by the commissioners:

Here is the full day’s presentation – this discussion occurred at the end of the day.

Major hat tips to Attorney David Clements and his wife Erin Clements and all those in New Mexico who helped make free and fair elections a thing of the future in this county.

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