Biden Told Kimmel ‘We Have the Fastest-Growing Economy in the World,’ Another Obviously False Statement from the Cognitively-Declining President

President Joe Biden claimed the United States has the “fastest-growing economy in the world” during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, a lie exposed by the record-high inflation, surging gas prices, and out-of-control housing costs cripple many. 

“Look, here’s where we are,” said Biden. “We have the fastest-growing economy in the world.” 

He received lots of applause and repeated twice more, “The world. The world.”

Biden then spouted off numbers indicating a rise in job growth, even though the job count is dropping

“We have 8.6 million new jobs just since I got into office, unemployment rates down to 3.6%, we’ve reduced the deficit last year by $320 billion,” Biden said.

Institutions such as World Bank have warned of a probable economic downturn in the coming months. They have reduced the expected economic growth of the U.S. and signaled it might not rebound for years. The financial group adjusted the national growth from 4.1% to 2.9% for the year, a significant decline in economic expansion. 

Biden kept asserting that “we’re the strongest economy.”

That repeated assertion from President Biden was demonstrably false.

Countries to surpass the U.S. ranged from China, Italy, and France, which experienced economic growth rates of 8.1%, 6.6%, and 7%, respectively.

Even some developing nations saw great economic growth in the last year. These included Kenya, which saw a rise of 7.2%Ethiopia saw 6.3%; and India, a massive 8.9% growth.

Some unexpected nations saw explosive growth in the last year. Libya, saw an increase of 177.3%, and South America’s Guyana boasted an impressive 19.9% growth.

In the last few months, jobless claims in the United States have increased, the cost of living has increased, the adequate living wages have decreased, and inflation continues to soar to record highs. 


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