Biden Administration Reportedly Slipping Scoops and Op-Eds to FOX News to Improve Image

The Biden Administration is reportedly working with FOX News to better manage its image. 

Far-left Politico reported on this relationship between the Biden Administration and FOX News, noting on how the Administration is trying to get some messages across to FOX loyalists that are complimentary to the Administration.

Before she left the White House last month, former White House press secretary JEN PSAKI met privately with Fox News digital chief PORTER BERRY to discuss the website’s portrayal of the administration, two people with knowledge told POLITICO. When he was the chief spokesperson for the Pentagon, JOHN KIRBY also regularly corresponded with Fox News’ D.C. bureau chief over items on the site.

But the White House has also dangled various carrots for the network, including exclusives for its digital reporters.

Earlier this year, JILL BIDENco-authored an op-ed on the Fox News website advocating for better government support for military families. She also called for “greater respite, relief, and emergency financial support to struggling families” and children who often help take care of American service members returning from combat overseas.

On Thursday, the site also published an opinion piece by former Alabama senator DOUG JONES advocating for the confirmation of STEVE DETTLEBACH, the administration’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

The White House has also tried to fill the site’s reported (or non-opinion) articles with the administration’s perspective. The Biden administration often turns to digital reporter BROOKE SINGMAN with exclusive policies it hopes Fox News readers will see, particularly around issues like crime, law enforcement, and veterans issues, areas where the White House feels it can tweak the narratives that often become cemented among the Fox News audience. In the last several months alone, she’s gotten the exclusive on the Department of Education’s launch of a National Parents and Families Engagement Council, the National Sheriff’s Association endorsement of Dettlebachand the White House’s allocation of $275 million to law enforcement agencies to fight the opioid epidemic.

It’s an effort to push back on the site’s tone and editorial news judgment, which is molded in the style of a right-leaning tabloid. As the Daily Beast noted, following Biden’s election, the site hired a number of former Republican staffers and former Trump administration officials.

These efforts by the Administration are not really necessary.  FOX News turned off its viewers on Election night 2020 with far-left biased reporting, being early to call AZ for Biden, with votes by far not yet counted, and bashing of President Trump.  To the millions of viewers who were hoping to receive fair and balanced reporting on the matter, they received neither.  Since that day FOX News’ numbers were way down.

FOX to this day refuses to report on the 2020 Election steal.  They are in sync with other far-left media outlets in doing so.   It was as if overnight, RINO and NeverTrumper Paul Ryan took over the network.

Despite being arguably the largest crime in US history, FOX News joins hands with CNN, MSNBC and others in ignoring the theft and criticizing those who point out the obvious. The Fox viewers, however, are smart. “Thursday June 16: Fox News Viewers Tune Out in Droves As Jan. 6 Hearing Ratings Drop Across Networks.”

The Biden Administration doesn’t need more from FOX News, they got more than they could ever imagine. 

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