Another Mass Shooting in a Big ‘Progressive’ City Leaves 3 Dead and 11 Others Wounded

Late Saturday night, there was another mass shooting in the nation, this time in Philadelphia, where there were multiple injuries and at least three were killed. 

Philadelphia police told local news outlet WPVI that gunfire erupted in the city’s South Street neighborhood shortly before midnight.

Inspector D.F. Pace told the outlet that local officers heard numerous gunshots go off and rushed to the area, where they saw “several active shooters” firing into the large crowd.

Police reportedly returned fire toward one of the alleged shooters, but it is unclear if they struck the shooter.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that police found two guns at the scene.

“Once it started I didn’t think it was going to stop,” said Joe Smith, who was standing near Third and Fourth Streets when the shooting began.

Two Killed, Thirteen Injured in Queen Village Shooting @CitizenApp

S 4th St & Bainbridge St Yesterday 10:12:00 PM EDT

Police have confirmed that three people have died, and at least eleven others were wounded by gunfire. 

Seven victims were taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, including one of the deceased victims.

Three other victims were taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

The conditions of the victims were not immediately available. No officers were injured, according to police.

No arrests have been made so far. Philidelphia police are combing through surveillance footage to try and identify the shooters.



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