WATCH: Fox News Pundits Demand Gun Control, Call Republicans the ‘Party of Egregious Mass Shootings and Uncontrolled Guns’

Fox News pundits Arthel Neville and Judy Miller took to the airwaves to trash Republicans and call for gun control on Sunday evening.

Miller referred to Republicans as the “party of egregious mass shootings and uncontrolled guns.”

While discussing the Uvalde shooting, Neville asked Miller if she thought that this time would be different and that gun control legislation would be enacted.

Miller said that this time may be different, but noted that the Senate is going into recess next week, so the “furor and the anger that people feel over this latest slaughter is likely to diminish.” She then asserted that many deaths “could be prevented with sensible gun legislation.”

“If New Zealand and Australia can do it after their mass shooting, why can’t we?” Miller questioned. “I think it really depends on the Republicans now — they must stop being the party of egregious mass shootings and uncontrolled guns. That has to stop. It’s up to them. And I think Mitch McConnell’s instructions to his fellow Republicans to negotiate with the Democrats suggests that he understands something’s changing.”

“The question, Arthel, is how long will the furor over this kind of mass shooting last?” Miller continued. “Will it be enough to finally, finally push the country, the Senate, the House into some sensible gun control?”

Neville responded by pointing out that ten people were killed in the grocery store shooting in Buffalo ten days before the attack on the elementary school.

“In each incident, the shooter was an 18-year-old male, the murder weapon in each incident a semiautomatic rife, AR-15-style firearms,” Neville said. “Are we at social change tipping point? Because that is what it’s going to take for lawmakers to pay attention when the people speak and speak loudly.”

Miller said that she has seen AR-15s in action while embedded with the military.

“I believe firmly that they should [have] no place on America’s streets,” Miller asserted, on the allegedly right-wing network. “You should not have military assault weapons, never mind in the hands of mentally unstable people, but 18-year-olds? Even Wyoming, Arthel, which is one of the most pro-gun states in the nation, does not permit guns to be sold to young people under 21. And one-third of the states have similar laws. So why can’t we as a nation do this?”


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