Wall Street Journal: Dems Stole Congressional Seats From Red States With “Rigged” Census — Calls For Investigation

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on how 14 states were significantly miscounted in the 2020 census. 

Out of the states that were undercounted, most of them were red states.

Out of the states that were overcounted, most of them were blue states.

According to analysis, the inaccurate counting cost Florida and Texas one house seat each — for the next 10 years!

Breakdown by state:

  • Hawaii: overcounted by 6.8%
  • Delaware: overcounted by 5.5%
  • Rhode Island: overcounted by 5.1%
  • Minnesota: overcounted by 3.8%
  • New York: overcounted by 3.4%
  • Utah: overcounted by 2.6%
  • Massachusetts: overcounted by 2.2%
  • Ohio: overcounted by 1.5%
  • Arkansas: undercounted by 5%
  • Tennessee: undercounted by 4.8%
  • Mississippi: undercounted by 4.1%
  • Florida: undercounted by 3.5%
  • Illinois: undercounted by 2%
  • Texas: undercounted by 1.9%

The Wall Street Journal is now accusing the Democrats of rigging the Census. In an op-ed from the editorial board titled “Who rigged the Census?” the case is laid out that while the Democrats were accusing the Trump administration of rigging the Census. the Democrats’ actions led to mistakes that benefited blue states over red states.

They also called for an investigation if Republicans retake Congress.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Well, well. Remember how Democrats accused the Trump Administration of trying to rig the 2020 Census? Now a Census Bureau study reveals that Republican-leaning states may have been hurt by mistaken under-counts.

But recall that progressives in autumn 2020 sued to kick the reapportionment into the Biden Administration. By law the Census was supposed to be complete by Dec. 31. Yet Democrats claimed that bureaucrats needed more time to do post-survey accuracy checks. They got their way. Whatever accuracy checks the bureau used, they evidently failed.

This week’s report notes that over-counts were partly due to people or census workers filling out duplicate surveys. For households that didn’t respond to the survey, bureaucrats imputed how many people live at an address using other government data such as welfare benefits or literally their best hunch. Surprise—they often guessed wrong.

If Republicans take control of the House, an oversight investigation into the Census seems warranted.

When people wonder how a Leftist like Pelosi can be in charge, it always comes down to tricks like this.

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