Red Pope Francis Joins Democrats In Calling for More Gun Control

After Tuesday’s tragedy in Texas where 19 students and two teachers were killed, the immediate response from Democrat leaders is to criticize guns. Pope Francis also weighed in.

Senile Joe Biden gave a speech from the White House where he read from a script calling out gun rights.  Tucker Carlson called for his impeachment after the hate-filled speech.

“Unfit for Leadership of this Country – I’m in Shock!” – Tucker Carlson GOES OFF on Joe Biden after His Grotesque, Partisan Speech Following Texas School Shooting (VIDEO)

Biden wasn’t alone.  Kamala Harris was quick to call for gun control along with many other Democrats.  The children impacted by this horrendous attack were only pawns to be used by the left for their political advantage.

“Enough is Enough!” – Kamala Harris Calls For Gun Control Following Deadly Mass Shooting at Texas Elementary School (VIDEO)

Newsmax reported on the Pope’s comments Wednesday:

Pope Francis on Wednesday said he was “heartbroken” by the shooting at a school in Texas that killed at least 19 children and two teachers, calling for greater controls on weapons.

The crowd in St. Peter’s Square for his weekly general audience applauded his appeal, made a day after worst school shooting in the United States in nearly a decade.

“I am heartbroken by the massacre at the elementary school in Texas. I pray for the children and the adults who were killed and for their families,” Francis said of the shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

“It is time to say ‘enough’ to the indiscriminate trafficking of weapons. Let us all make a commitment so that tragedies like this cannot happen again,” he said.

Americans want freedom and safety.  We really don’t want outsiders opining on what should and should not be included in our Constitution or Bill of Rights.  It’s really none of their business.  We have enough crooked politicians taking advantage of the deaths of children for their own agenda.  We don’t need to be confronted with opinions from overseas.
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