Pro-Abortion Protesters March on Homes of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts

Pro-abortion protesters marched on the neighboring homes of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh Saturday night in the DC-Maryland straddling community of Chevy Chase.

Screen image via Douglas Blair/Twitter.

The protest comes after the Washington Post published an article earlier Saturday about a pro-abortion neighbor of Kavanaugh who was protesting outside his home on a regular basis but was having trouble getting others to join her because most people believe protests at private homes are considered bad for a civil society. The Post was hoping to get more protesters to join her at tonight’s protest. The effort appears to have worked.

Several dozen protesters marched to the homes of the justices Saturday night chanting and carrying signs with profane messages. Police were lined up in front of the justices’ homes. There did not appear to be any attempts to trespass. However, when police at Kavanaugh’s home warned protesters about the illegality of picketing outside the home of a judicial officer the protest got heated and more police arrived. The protesters dispersed afterwards.

Photos and videos were posted by the Daily Signal’s Douglas Blair and WUSA-TV News reporter
Rafael Sánchez-Cruz.

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