Male High School Teacher Writes About How Good it Feels to Wear Women’s Panties to School and Coming out as ‘Non-Binary’ to His Students

A man who teaches at Loyola School, a private, Jesuit high school in New York, wrote about how good it feels to wear women’s panties to school and coming out as ‘non-binary’ to his students.

“So this is me feeling my best teacher self because I’m wearing panties on a work day for the first time ever and I feel so good!” the teacher wrote on Facebook.

“ID: a tall, bearded demiboy with pomaded hair and glasses, wearing a purple and white checked shirt, a gray sweater vest, and a brown tweed jacket with black jeans,” he wrote with a photo of himself with his index finger over his mouth.

The teacher added,” I signed up to lead an affinity group for LGBTQIA+ students at my school a while back. The first meeting is this afternoon and I’m going to be coming out to a bunch of high schoolers as bi and enby,” he said.

“I’m a bit nervous,” he gushed. “Good vibes/encouragement are needed and welcome.”

The hero who runs “Libs of TikTok” reached out to the principal at Loyola School in New York City.

The principal refused to answer if she’s going to address this.

Meanwhile, the teacher panicked and deleted his Facebook account.

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