“A Low IQ Wine Mom… Like a Dyslexic Poet”: Tucker BLASTS Kamala Harris For Speaking Gibberish Yet Again (VIDEO)

It’s hard to tell which is worse when they take the podium, Kamala Harris or Joe Biden – a feat that is almost impossible – considering Biden’s current, rapidly-degrading mental state – but Harris has (successfully?) pulled it off.

Is it any wonder that Harris is actually polling nearly 20 points WORSE than Biden?

Over the past week, Harris has made several Biden-esque blunders while making her public rounds. Most recently, she appeared at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. on Monday, where she shared some more of her “deep thoughts.”

During her speech, Harris gave us this poetic gem:

“When we talk about the children of the community, they are children of the community.”

More Deep Thoughts from Kamala Harris: “When We Talk about Children of the Community, They Are Children of the Community”


Add that to the list of Kamala’s greatest thoughts – it’s up there with her grand statements about “the great significance of the passage of time” or her deep views about “working together as we continue to work…to work together.

Oh and don’t forget to clap like a mindless seal for “yellow school busses.”

Unable to hold back following the boneheaded VP’s latest appearance, Tucker Carlson absolutely went off on Harris earlier this week, whom he called a “Low IQ wine mom” that’s “like a dyslexic poet” over her latest meaningless musings.

Oh, and she is terrible at the actual tasks she is given as VP – to boot, Carlson points out. Border Czar? What a joke.

From Carlson:

“So, you never heard anything about Kamala Harris during the 2020 presidential campaign that wasn’t about her inspiring firstness. She’s Black and Indian. She’s a first, she must be excited.

So she gets elected in the country wakes up the next morning and realizes, ‘Wait, we just elected a low-I.Q. wine mom as vice president.’ So the administration tried to give her jobs. ‘Hey, fix the border. Wait, get Russia to pull back and not invade Ukraine.’ That didn’t work. So now she’s become – and a lot of people do become this in middle age – just kind of a freelance philosopher. She’s like a dyslexic poet with a limited vocabulary, she just kind of bombs around the country emitting words. And they’re hilarious.”




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