Kellyanne Conway believes many people voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because they liked her – even though they didn’t much care for him.

 This is Conway’s takeaway set down in her new memoir, Here’s the Deal.

She writes that on election night people were giving her the credit.  Trump was barely off the stage when the high fives and congratulations began raining down on me.

‘People were rushing over—people I knew, people I didn’t—shaking my hand and hugging me. Without me, they kept saying—and still do say—that Trump would not have been elected president,’ she writes.

Conway claims her male counterparts were ‘jealous little boys’ who tried to take credit for the win.

She said Jared Kushner in particular resented the credit she deservedly got: Jared didn’t have the guts to bring it up to me himself, but Ivanka told me her husband resented all the credit I got for the 2016 election win, while he “had been written out of it.”

Kushner lost Donald Trump the White House in 2020 and presided over a ‘wonky mishmash’ of a campaign that cost him nearly $2billion and the presidency.

In the book, seen early by, Conway, 55, not only eviscerates the former presidential son-in-law, she accuses him of trying to ‘rewrite history’ by claiming credit for Trump’s 2016 win which, she says, was all her.

‘I was the one,’ the pollster-turned-presidential counselor writes, ‘to develop a “secret sauce,” to beat a woman for president and help lead Donald Trump in the Oval office,’ she writes referencing Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton.

Should there be any doubt about just who won Trump his seat, Conway takes care to quote the gratitude of others, such as Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence who, in the chaotic aftermath of Trump’s sensational victory, she recalls, sat down next to Conway and said: ‘Kellyanne…none of us would be here without you.’

Conway is now part of what many believe is Mike Pence’s campaign for President in 2024.

Conway was an embarrassment for President Trump during his presidency as her husband made terrible comments about the President while she was working for him.  Never before have we seen such wife abuse on a national scale on almost a daily basis.

Rather than resign, she put President Trump in a horrible position.  George Conway was just plain abusive and nasty.

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