Joe Biden “Close To The Point Of No Return” With Americans On Economy Reports… CNN

The economy is quickly shaping up to be the most important issue in the 2022 midterm elections and that is bad news for Biden and the Democrats.

Even some liberal media outlets are starting to admit this because they don’t want to look too stupid in November.

CNN is even putting out some reality for their readers.

Can you believe CNN published this?

Biden is close to the point of no return with Americans on the economy

President Joe Biden and his administration appear perilously close to an irreversible severing of public confidence in his capacity to deliver prosperity and financial security as stiff economic challenges balloon into huge political liabilities.

A CNN poll released Wednesday shows that the President’s repeated efforts to highlight undeniably strong aspects of the economy’s post-pandemic rebound and to offset blame for its bad spots aren’t working.

The main culprit is inflation, a corrosive force that the White House initially underestimated and has failed to tame. It’s been decades since Americans have experienced this demoralizing cycle of spiraling costs for basic goods and services. That shock is twinned with punishing gasoline prices that also hammer family budgets and spread pain across the population — in a way that a regular recession, which can destroy millions of jobs but not hurt everyone — may not.

The result is a looming political disaster for Democrats, with voters in a disgruntled mood ahead of midterm elections that were already historically tough for a first-term President.

Democrats keep trying to come up with distraction issues but it’s not going to work.

People care about being able to buy gas for their cars and putting food on the table.

That will be the central issue.

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