‘Gawker Found Out the Hard Way” – U.S. Senate Candidate Blake Masters Sends Litigation Hold Notice, Announces Potential Defamation Lawsuit Against Arizona Mirror

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters recently came under attack by the dark-money nonprofit “journalism” organization Arizona Mirror, who falsely claimed he “wants to allow states to ban contraception use” and that he is a Nazi sympathizer.

The Arizona Mirror is a Soros-tied 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that funnels money to Democratic campaigns by positively promoting their ideas while slandering conservative Republican candidates like Blake Masters.

Blake Masters never said this about contraception, and he did not praise a Nazi leader, as they claim.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Blake Masters punched back on Twitter this past weekend, exposing the fake news author and publicly shaming him as a “disreputable liberal” and a “hack.” The radical leftist ‘journalist’ even requested a comment from a “fake [campaign] email address” to stop Masters from correcting the record before publication.

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Now, Masters is getting ready to sue these liars for their intentional false smears against him.

This morning, Masters tweeted photos of the litigation hold notice that his Attorneys drafted and sent to the Arizona Mirror.

This document requests the preservation of “all evidence concerning the article, its publication, any underlying research or analysis, and/or your organization’s bias in favor of progressive figures and policies and against political conservatives (including without limitation documentation concerning your target audience and demographics for readership and fundraising, and/or solicitations for readership and contributions).”

Masters: Hey @ArizonaMirror and @DillonReedRose: preserve your documents! If I get any free time after winning my elections then you’re getting sued, and I’ll easily prove actual malice. Gawker found out the hard way and you will too.

Masters may sue the fake news organization for knowingly or recklessly misrepresenting the facts regarding his stance on contraceptives and claiming that he previously gave praise to a Nazi war leader.

In the letter to Arizona Mirror, Black Masters’ attorney wrote,

Your article states that Blake Masters “praise[d]… Hermann Goering, one Hitler’s top military leaders and one of the most prominent members of the Nazi Party.” Blake has done no such thing. Specifically, when he was 19 years old, Blake Masters published anti-war commentary that was critical of pro-war personalities in America and elsewhere. See Exhibit B. In closing his commentary, Blake observed that “unjust wars (and the deaths and suffering of millions of innocents) are frequently manufactured and deceptively sold to the public”–and then offered “a particularly representative and poignant quotation” to illustrate the point. That quotation, from convicted war Criminal Goreing during his trial at Nuremberg, typified the cynical attitudes of pro-war advocates that was the focus of Blake’s criticism. Blake’s publication was the exact opposite of “praise” for Goering. See generally Yetman v. English, 168 Ariz. 71, 77  (1991) (falsely imputing extremist political views to elected official could give rise to viable defamation claim).

Your article further claimed that “[o]ther media reports have noted [Blake’s] past praise for Goering. That is also false. in support of your false claim of corroboration from “[o]ther media reports,” linked to an April 28, 2022 report from the Jewish Insider entitled, “Blake Masters’ Provocations Reach Back to His College Days.” See Exhibit C. Neither that article nor any other, until yours, claimed that Masters had “praised” Goering. This appears to be a fatuous attempt to obscure your own defamation of Blake by claiming that others have previously defamed Blake in the same way.

Blake Masters’ 2006 anti-war article titled “The Lusitania Is Down! (or How to Sell a War)” highlights conservative and libertarian principles of small government, limited state involvement in the economy, and world peace. He notes that special interests and government propaganda dictate the narrative and outcomes of war.

Masters began,

War does three things: it enriches the special interests on whose behalf it is waged, it secures additional power and profit opportunities for the ruling class, and it kills a lot of people in the process.

Amazingly, some statist-minded people still argue that a nation’s full economic potential is only realized during times of war. “Warfare,” they say, actually strengthens the economy of the winning power, due to increased employment and productivity. Just look at the prosperity that WWII brought the American economy!” Even people who denounce the costs of war often favor the consequence of total governmental control of the economy, and they seek to achieve this latter ideal in other, “more humane” ways. These folks are the “progressives” of the modern era.

The primary message of this article: government creates war for no good reason.

In another excerpt, Masters concludes the article with a quote by Herman Goering,

It is sufficient to conclude that unjust wars (and the deaths and suffering of millions of innocents) are frequently manufactured and deceptively sold to the public. Though private interests may benefit, only government has the power to make this happen.

I’ll end with a particularly representative and poignant quotation:

“Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

~ Herman Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

February 14, 2006

Masters obviously used this quote to further demonstrate how corrupted leaders use pro-war narratives to exploit their own people. Blake Masters did not “praise” Herman Goering or the Nazi party at any point.

The letter to Arizona Mirror continued, “As a result of your false reporting, your readership now holds the false belief that Blake has been recognized by multiple media outlets as an anti-semite, and that Blake opposes public access to “the pill”–and is more likely to believe that mainstream Republicans support Nazis and oppose condoms.”

Blake Masters should sue these liars into the ground!



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