EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania Senator Cris Dush Is Doing All He Can to Address 2020 Election Fraud In the State

Pennsylvania Senator Cris Dush is doing all he can to address voting issues in the state but it isn’t easy. 

In early April we reported on the results of an investigation in Lehigh County Pennsylvania where multiple individuals stuffed multiple ballots in drop boxes in the 2020 Election.  This work was performed by a group of professionals by the name of Envoy Sage who are independent of the 2000 Mules group.

Hundreds of Suspects Filmed Stuffing Multiple Ballots Into PA County Drop Boxes — But Republican DA Won’t Prosecute ANY of the Suspects Because Not Everyone Has Been Identified (VIDEO)

Both the 2000 Mules group and Envoy Sage identified that an estimated 7% of all ballots dropped in drop boxes in the investigations they performed were illegally harvested.

An Organized Crime Perpetrated on Americans – Experts Claim in Testimony At Least 4.8 Million Ballots Trafficked in the 2020 Election (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania Senator Cris Dush brought forward the results from Envoy Sage in a recent Senate committee meeting.  Local media outlet PennLive recently reported on Republican Senator Cris Dush’s meeting to discuss this investigation and election issues in the state.

A Republican-led Senate committee investigating election integrity issues turned its attention to the security of ballot drop boxes in the 2021 elections on Thursday in yet another hearing that Democrats considered a waste of time and eventually walked out.

Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee Chairman Cris Dush, R-Jefferson County, said the hearing was intended to air out concerns that Pennsylvanians have raised about how elections are run with the use of drop boxes being a significant part of them.

At the conclusion of the meeting Senator Dush made some observations.

At the hearing’s conclusion, Dush said from the testimony it’s clear counties don’t have the resources needed to address issues that were raised during the more than three-hour hearing. He said had drop boxes been legislatively authorized instead of by the courts, “we’d have had a much different set of circumstances and a lot less questioning about how the voting happened.”

While Dush indicated the committee needs to investigate more of these instances and hoped for cooperation from Democrats going forward, a response from Costa offered afterward make it clear that is unlikely.

“Enough is enough,” Costa said. “We’ve had too many frivolous, wasteful hearings and each one serves only to undermine our electoral process and democracy. We must move forward with reforms or legislation that the county commissioners and Department of State have asked us for including longer time to process ballots. Or the majority party should hold off on hearings that purport to be about election security and administration.”

Senator Dush shared with us last night some additional information related to his efforts in Pennsylvania to get to the bottom of the 2020 Election results in the state.  Below are some bullets from that conversation.

  • Efforts to uncover what happened in the 2020 Election have been hampered by the Democrat Secretary of State and Attorney General as well as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
  • Most of the money to perform these investigations is spent on attorney fees to fight for the right to investigate.
  • The Lehigh County video will hold up in court and in this sense, it’s similar to the work performed by Justice Gableman in Wisconsin, that too will hold up in court.
  • After the hearing noted above, within 3 days the Senate proposed a bill to remove drop boxes in the state.
  • In Lehigh County, the Republican DA said he would prosecute next time anyone caught dropping multiple ballots illegally in drop boxes but not this time?
  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has four justices who should have been impeached in 2018.  Senator Dush had impeachment resolutions drafted but these were blocked.  This still should be done.
  • The Texas lawsuit in the 2020 Election was excellent.  Justice Roberts pushed it off and then decided not to hear it but the issues are still there and it would be great to see an attorney raise this now as it still should be addressed (i.e. should states be allowed to have drop boxes if the legislature has not authorized their use?)
  • There are still numerous items to investigate in Pennsylvania and Senator Dush would like to see this work performed.

Senator Dush is doing what he can to get transparency in the 2020 Election and beyond.  He’s not just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk. 

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