EXCLUSIVE: Not a Single Voting System Testing Lab Used in the 2020 Election Was Accredited According to the Law at That Time – One Lab Never Was Accredited (Part II)

We reported on the fact that no Voter System Testing Laboratories (VSTLs) used in the 2020 Election were accredited at the time of the election based on the law.  One of these labs used to this day in some states has NEVER been accredited by the EAC based on the law.

We first addressed this issue when the Maricopa County leadership wanted a ‘certified auditor’ to perform an audit of their operations after the 2020 Election in Arizona.  The County selected two firms and TGP pointed out that the two firms selected were not properly certified at the time.  This was despite statements by Maricopa officials.  Only hours after our report, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) suspiciously certified the two firms we identified.

How Can the Government Agency Certifying Elections (the EAC) Maintain Its Independence When Its CIO Previously Worked for 10 Years for Dominion Voting Systems?

Yesterday we shared that the EAC Voting System Test Laboratory (VSTL) Accreditation Program Manual says the Chair of the Commission must sign off on the VSTL’s accreditation and the accreditation shall not exceed 2 years.

Looking back at the accreditation process for the Voting System Test Labs (VSTL) used in Maricopa County noted a year ago, the two VSTLs selected were not accredited when selected by the county (Pro V&V and SLI) to perform audits of the county’s 2020 Results.

Today, per the EAC’s website, these are the only two accredited VSTLs.

The TGP shared this in our article on Sunday.

EXCLUSIVE: Based on a Thorough Review of Election Regulations, Not a Single Voting System Testing Lab Used in the 2020 Election Was Accredited Based on the Law (Part I)

There is at least one other VSTL used as the accredited VSTL for the voting systems.  This VSTL has actually never been accredited according to the law. 

In the state of Missouri in at least one jurisdiction (St. Charles County), where there is a VSTL that has never been accredited that is claimed to have certified voting systems in the state.

Wyle Laboratories was accredited in May of 2010 for a two-year term effective through April 2012.  There is no evidence that Wyle Labs was accredited at any time after that.

Then in 2014 Wyle Labs was purchased by National Technical Systems (NTS).  A letter was sent to the EAC notifying them of the purchase.  But remember at this time Wylen was no longer accredited for certifying voting systems and hadn’t been since 2012.

But in 2015 NTS (Wyle) went on and performed a certification review of Unisyn Voting Solutions OVS 1.3. Reminder at this time (in 2015), Wyle hadn’t been accredited since 2012 and NTS had never been accredited by the EAC.

In March of 2017, NTS withdrew its accreditation from the EAC for being an independent VSTL.

In April, EAC acknowledged the receipt of the letter from NTS announcing its intent to voluntarily withdraw from being a VSTL.

NTS never was accredited by the EAC.  Wyle Labs wasn’t accredited since 2012.  The other two VSTLs active today, Pro V&V and SLI were not properly accredited as of the 2020 Election and still aren’t properly accredited today (see Sunday’s article).

Some might argue that the VSTL’s that were accredited in the past never lost their accreditation – their accreditation was never revoked.  Yes, their accreditation may have never been revoked but they weren’t accredited at the time because their accreditation had lapsed.  These same individuals might use a paragraph in the law about accreditation to claim these VSTL’s were still accredited, but they are taking the law out of context as was explained Sunday in our article.

It comes down to this – any voting machine certifications or audits performed by VSTLs when they were not accredited according to the law were not valid – period – because they were not performed by VSTLs accredited according to the law. 

Hat tip to Ali Graef who is running for Missouri State Representative – see NoMOFraud.com

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