More Evidence Suggests “Global Warming Ran Out of Steam” Years Ago – Experts Argue Global Temps Have Remained Flat For 20 Years

Nearly 20 years after the release of Al Gore’s ridiculous ‘an inconvenient truth‘ documentary that warned of impending doom from global warming and served as the catalyst to all of the subsequent climate hysteria, more new data has emerged confirming that global temperatures have remained mostly “on pause since 1998.”

While there was a limited uptick in the years leading up to that time, Global warming essentially “ran out of steam” before the turn of the millennia, according to an international group of leading scientists who looked at temperature data from meteorology balloons.

In other words, the issue was essentially nonexistent even when Gore made his ‘bold’ predictions in 2006.

As illustrated in the two graphs below, there has been little to no movement over the past 20 years:

Image source: screenshot, Madonna et al., 2022

The findings were included in the recently released “State of the Climate Report” by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Emeritus Professor Ole Humlum, who contributed to the report, confirmed in a statement that the data definitively shows “there has been no clear trend towards higher or lower temperatures.”

Using readings collected in the troposphere – Earth’s atmospheric zone that extends between 4-12 miles high, the researchers were able to reassess records, obtained at “16 different pressure levels” from almost “700 global locations,” for accuracy. And, thanks to new, high-tech equipment, they were able to obtain a more precise dataset from the records that were recorded twice a day at each location since 1978, according to the Daily Sceptic.

In the data, researchers found that global temperatures have been “on pause” for nearly 8 years running. Oddly enough, this data and an additional lengthy pause have been “largely wiped” from public records.

From the Daily Sceptic:

“The slowdown since 1998 observed in the balloon data is confirmed by accurate satellite data, which also shows a current pause of about 91 months. An earlier pause from 1998 to 2012 has been largely wiped from all the major surface temperature datasets.

Most of the warming over the last 40 years occurred up to the late 1990s. The tropics have warmed less than the north, and, in fact, at 11 km [the height which the readings were taken] it is difficult to discern any significant warming in the tropics at all.”

Meanwhile, as the atmospheric temperatures remain extremely steady, the temperature readings on the ground are continuing to climb upwards.

Obviously, something isn’t adding up with the numbers on the ground. But that’s just par for the course for hysterical Leftist agendas like climate change.

The real existential threat isn’t the sun or climate catastrophe – that’s just the distraction. The individuals behind these Leftist agendas are much more dangerous.


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